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Author: toadking07toadking07

User Since: 20 May 2013, 12:09

About: Creator of the Foundation After Midnight Radio podcast. Producer behind Toad King Studios. Jack of many trades, master of a few. He writes, he draws, he edits, he spends a lot of time writing down ideas that there just isn't time for. Joined the SCP wiki after reading a comment on a creepy gif of SCP-096. Has met three SCP fans IRL, so it is possible the rest of you exist.

Authored Pages:

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FAM Radio "Season 2" page 09 Jan 2022 20:28 [+8] [2] 11 Apr 2022 01:56
In Life As In Language 09 Jan 2022 18:26 [+26] [2] 09 Jan 2022 18:36
July 27th, 1998 Quarry Park, Calgary, Alberta 02 Jan 2020 19:44 [+13] [6] 13 Jul 2021 08:51
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Short Fiction:

Short stories, tale concepts, jokes, memes, and various other written bits too small to be posted by themselves on the wiki. All were posted to social media at one point or another, so saving them all in one place seemed like a good idea.

Contributed Work:

Page Title Work About
SCP-035 - Possessive Mask Image Photoshop SPOILER: Wanted to help push this SCP a little with a sneaky gif. Put a delay in there so that readers should be just about ready to scroll down the page when it changes. (if read on a desktop browser) Kept it subtle, so not all readers would catch it, as having it change for everyone in the first 5 seconds would be too much.
Manna Charitable Foundation Hub Logo Design Worked with Dr ReachDr Reach during a GOI contest way back when. Used my graphic design skills to craft a logo that we felt captured a charitable organization feel. Really happy people have liked it and used it moving forward.
If You Are Reading This... Entry An open collaboration with a lot of heart. Couldn't resist adding in my own entry here. Might have gotten a bit too personal, as DJ Scip is voiced by my real-life brother, but it felt right to write from the heart.
Christmas Entry Added my own entry about a Christmas gone wrong. One of my first dips into writing on the actual wiki.
Univine's Author Page Audio Recording Had my dad, an actual pastor, record a reading of UnivineUnivine's Excerpts Regarding St. Sophia for the 2016 Christmas exchange. Thought it would be a nice touch for an interesting GOI format.
Famous last words in the Foundation universe Forum Post Still proud of this 30+ page long forum post about famous last words within the Foundation. Don't post on there as it's long dead, but it's still a highlight for me that so many people had fun coming up with ones on there.
SCP Field Signs Forum Post Original posting of the SCP Field Codes on the SCP wiki back in 2013. My first creation in the SCP fandom. They've got around the world and back again online, but only finally got their own page on the wiki properly.

Featured By:

Page Title Creator My Part
The Mobile Task Force Field Codes SCP Illustrated MTF field codes were originally designed by me and shared on the SCP wiki forums.
BoneWorks Stress Level Zero Whether included as an Easter Egg or a game mechanic, it's cool that the SCP Field Codes were interesting enough for a VR game to pick up and sprinkle in on various walls and corners of their world!
Radio Silenced Jacob ConwellJacob Conwell This was the gift given to me for the 8th Annual Holiday Art Exchange. Tale is based off FAM radio and brings two my of characters to the wiki for the first time outside of the FAM Hub!
FAM Radio: Have Yourself A Meta Little Christmas HarryBlankHarryBlank This was the gift given to me for the 2021 SCP art gift exchange! A very meta fan script of Foundation After Midnight Radio.
Site-7: HUMINT RounderhouseRounderhouse A quick reference to DJ Scip and the FAM Radio broadcast, but a reference nonetheless!
GOLIATH ACTIVATION 000078 Mr CarbonMr Carbon Written for the 2022 holiday art gift exchange, this short story brings the GOLIATH Program to life in an intriguing format I really enjoy.

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🐦Twitter @SCPFAMRadio Account for FAM Radio and general SCP related postys and memes.
📷Instagram @SCPFAMRadio Account for FAM Radio posts, SCP memes and art posted on the regular.
▶️Youtube Main Youtube channel for all videos by Toad King Studios, including podcast episodes.
💱Patreon Help support the artist and creative team behind various projects.
🛒Etsy SCP pins, prints, stickers, and more! Always something new, often limited runs.
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