To Swear An Oath
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I, being of solid heart and sound mind
Do swear to be the one who stands alert,
Who will persevere, sacrifice, exert,
And give my all that I might serve mankind.

I do accept that I will be a judge
And a jury to them that I shall keep,
But not an executioner. Their sleep
Will be safe from any hate, fear or grudge.

I do accept that my life in the world,
My friends, and the freedoms that I once knew,
Are gone, that I might know and keep respect
With solemn guarding of the truths unfurled
For me to hold. I will be wise and true,

By our mantra.

I do accept my fate to someday die
In darkness that you may live on in light.
Against corrupt and foul things I will fight
To collect and keep until end is nigh.

I do accept that if I am corrupt,
Then death may be unleashed on all,
And that for my sins, judgment may yet fall.
My life may now but be yours to disrupt.

I do accept there are forces at large
Lesser men sent out to destroy the strange
Who hunt to harm, to kill, and to dissect.
We will instead stand guard over our charge
For they are part of the world they would change.

By our mantra:

Secure. Contain. Protect.

Formal Oath of the Foundation, first sworn in 1821 for the laying of the cornerstone for Site-1.

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