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Mikell took him far, far. The world spun. TJ hurt like nothing he had ever felt before. "Can't we go home? Can't we go home?" he pleaded, but Mikell did not turn around, and after the first hour TJ knew for certain that it was not a hospital they were going to.

He slept. When he woke up, they were still driving. Fresh blood seeped through his sweater. Please, god, Mikell, go home, just go home.

His brother did not speak to him the entire car ride. Not when TJ cried, not when he screamed, not when he begged him to stop. Not when TJ knew in the back of his mind what was happening, no, not when it dawned on him that maybe his brother would never protect him in the way he thought he would, and when TJ passed out from a syringe pressed in his arm and subsequently awoke, he awoke in a place with bars on the windows, and his brother was gone.

But this, too, is a story lost to Jack. No matter how TJ may wish it wasn't.


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