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Welcome to my author page! - [Art page]

Here you can find all the writing I've posted to Wikidot. It largely follows the same main characters, who have been thoroughly latched onto by my neurodivergent brain, and I have not stopped writing about them in years.

Organised (roughly) in order of publication. Please view this hub for a much fancier, chronological organisation of these stories, plus more.


Features SCP-6118, Dr. Mitchell, other miscellaneous SCP Doctors, and has a reference to SCP-049!

- - -

Dark Age

  1. Intro
  2. Reassignment
  3. Hazmat
  4. Spliced

Feature SCP-6118/Unit 5a82, The Handler, Unit 4b80, Unit 7cb7, and other miscellaneous aliens!

- - -

Médecin, Not Medicine

  1. Oh Lord
  2. Rapid Departure II
  3. That's Not Love, Isabel
  4. So... Your Relationship
  5. Jailbreak
  6. Hayloft
  7. Fear & Delight
  8. Chaos Theory I
  9. Chaos Theory II
  10. Coming soon: Earthen Paramour

- - -

Médecin, Not Medicine : Suppléments

  1. Cure for Calamity
  2. Cracked and Broken
  3. Galaxy of Scars

Features SCP-049 primarily, as well as SCP-035, SCP-6118, and misc. UnHumans.

- - -

Irreverent Clone

  1. Tensile Testing
  2. Coming soon: False Idols

Featuring SCP-6118 and misc. keplers.

- - -

Extra, Bonus Stories

Featuring SCP-049 and SCP-6118.

  • Coming soon: Star of Life

Featuring SCP-6118, Unit 4b80, and Unit 7cb7.

More coming eventually!! I am just constantly writing.

Super Cool art Pieces!

These are a very small handful of drawings I've seen of/inspired by my creations that I especially wish to shove into your face. It is a proven fact that writing or drawing things based off of my favourite characters throws me into hysterics.

I would highly recommend opening these in a new tab!

Featured piece: SCP-049 and SCP-6118 ice skating by raxenlewraxenlew!
Featured piece x2: more of SCP-049 and SCP-6118 ice skating, by Nazkar :)

I love all of them so, so much. I would put every single image of fanart I've ever seen here, but then it would be so ridiculously long, and that fact has me smiling like an idiot.


If you really want to call me a name, there's always Atlas.

You really don't need to know much about me, and I greatly prefer talking about my interests rather than myself. To strike up a conversation, all you need to do is start talking to me about anything at high Altitudes.


Fierce faunaFierce fauna - For being the first returning reader who interacted with my stuff on Wikidot— I greatly enjoy talking to you about our different ideas.
SilverScribblesSilverScribbles - For getting all invested in my stories and being there for all the things I make! Your interest means the world.
Alzin CdagAlzin Cdag - For making an amazing and beautiful series on the characters I love the most, it absolutely overjoys me that you took all that time and effort.
raxenlewraxenlew - For being enthusiastic about the characters, as well as giving me so many reasons to keep writing. Thank you for showing me what sweetness feels like.
Charlie80827Charlie80827 - For reading my drafts at lunch, and making hysterical jokes about skips. Bong mask 2k21.
mrmphmrmph - For being along for so much of the ride, nurturing my concepts for 6118, and Just Being There.
allyzeroallyzero - For being an awesome beta reader and giving me great feedback on my Tales, as well as enthusiasm about my story, and encouraging me to keep writing.
Mark Green - For answering my random medical questions, as well as providing me with fantastic images.
Yesenia - For keeping helping me unjumble the big ugly knot of thoughts in my head. Turns out, writing and re-writing bad endings is rather cathartic.
AncientcatparentAncientcatparent - For being sympathetic to writer struggles and convincing me to post my darlings, as well as beta reading.
caspian2caspian2 - For giving me the crit that shaped everything. The entire reason that it even survived. Also, featuring me in the reviewer's spotlight? That blew my mind.
Nils SeverinNils Severin - For making 6118 ready to be shown to the world.

And, obviously, to everyone who votes and gives me comments!
Your support and feedback literally mean the world to me. I cannot express the gratitude I have for every single person that has made me want to keep writing.

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