Land of the Impermanent Winds
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I can be as violent as a storm or as gentle as a breeze
Dance with me

Good day! tingfeng1999tingfeng1999 here. Thanks for paying a visit to my crazy little hub1 of works related to the SCP Foundation. Looking forward to contribute2 more to the community. You can reach out to me via Wikidot PM or SCP official Discord.

May your brilliant minds and powerful words stay unscathed against the winds of impermanence.

Enjoy the content and enjoy making your own!


Due to various reasons, I will no longer be an active member of the SCP writing community. Thank you for the support and tolerance, but no banquet in this world can last forever. To whoever reading this, I hope you continue to find joy in your life3.

Still, if you have any proposals and other issues that you believe should require my uttermost concern, especially if it involves my past works, feel free to poke me via the previously mentioned methods. I will try my best to respond accordingly, but if I failed to do so, please refer to the "Rights and Permissions and Last Will" tab.


If you see me post something out of the blue, it is me paying back some old favours.


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ADULT CONTENT This article contains adult content that may not be suitable for all readers. Graphic depiction of blood, gore or mutilation of body parts Features sexual themes or language, but does...
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Land of the Impermanent Winds
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I can be as violent as a storm or as gentle as a breeze Dance with me Greetings and Notice Rights and Permissions and Last Will Free Ideas for Pickup Good day! tingfeng1999 here. Thanks for...
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