Timeline η-5
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black Queen Yasna creating the Page.

black queen nietzsche logging her findings

blk q is here for the lols


The Entity, or Process, We are not quite sure yet, seems to be able to manifest inside of one of the Queens. This is, obviously, very concerning and care should be made that none of us become infected. are we talking about that thing that makes you really stupid out of nowhere and you do shit you don't remember doing and all that? what the fuck are you talking about? ive seen lots of our sisters and some of them aren't the sharpest bulb in the shed neetch. The One that forgot to choose a Handle is right. And might be considered a prime Example. okay, that got a chuckle out of me, yasna.


the prereqs for this bastard or whatever, and the reason it probably isn't one of the ones like blk there, is that it seems to pop up in those l.s.es that are the most strategic and ruthless towards the foundation, causing them to become easily taken over in their sleep. what so the foundation fucking controls people in their sleep? thats fucking dumb. At least the One with no Handle can say the Word "Foundation." And no, We do not know how the Process manifests, We just know that Someone from one Timeline will start acting like They are from a completely different Timeline and also seem to be much less mentally endowed than when They had previously conversed with Us. … that was a lot of words blue. like a lot of words. it doesn't matter, why the fuck are you even here?


There does not seem to be any Utility in an Effect that makes one of our Queens weaker. I mean, let's not be hasty yasna, we could abduct one of the foundation loyal queens and replace them with a stupid one. that'd be pretty useful. You do make a good Point Nietzsche. I like that Idea. nooooo dont do that. that would be super mean. i dont like being mean .c how do u emoticon 'c whatever.


I mean, we could kill them, but that seems a little harsh. the teleporting them to another timeline thing seems like our best bet. Agreed. nooo thats so meeeean

Instance: Timeline X-7:

This Timeline was inhabited by a Queen who was about a Week from bringing down the Foundation. She got as far as having two Seats on the Foundation's overseer Council when the Affliction struck Her. She was saying She was going to sleep, but when I heard back from Her, She was about as articulate as a Toddler. she had two seats! damn, girl, where'd she get that kind of sway. That is, more or less, What I had asked Her before She retired. yknow maybe if u actually gave the foundation a chance they wouldnt be so bad. we're just going to ignore this clown, right yasna?

Instance: Timeline X-13:

this timeline had a killer bitch who absolutely was butchering the foundation. she had a black ops section of the serpent's tooth called the serpent's poison or something, I don't really remember. the point was, she was just about to slaughter the o5 council after absolutely wrecking the rest of the foundation's shit, when she decided to vegetate in front of the tv for no apparent reason and watch reruns of teletubies. TELETUBBIES! Teletubies? I am pretty sure its a show about a demon sun that enslaves humanity in these plush fursuits and augments them with cybernetics, forcing them to sing and dance for children until they die. it's considered suitable for children in some timelines. That's horrific! thats not what teletubies is about its a nice show with lala and po yeah, so I was hoping this was just supposed to be giving her ideas on what she was going to do to o5 after she captured them, but she just giggled like an idiot and let them take her whole force out without her lifting a finger.

Instance: Timeline η-5:

what the fuck? that's not a valid timeline designation. I know, but in the extended, i.e. painful, Conversation with an Instance of the Entity or processed Queen, This was the Timeline She claimed to be from. what the fuck thats my timeline?

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