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Chaz Ambrose ran into the kitchen. He quickly grabbed as many potential weapons, as he could and jumped under the table. In the meantime, he took one final look at the scene taking place in his restaurant — waiters ineptly trying to stop mysterious man, which entered the local a moment ago, and which started murdering everyone in restaurant with his chainsaw.

He curled up, trying to not make any noise. He heard the steps — a murderer entered the kitchen. He heard a shot, apparently one of the remaining guards tried to shoot the aggressor from behind, but, judging from the scream a moment later, he failed.

Steps became louder. Chaz knew that mysterious person his right next to him. If he was to attack him, he should do it now. He jumped from under the table.

"Eat this!" said Chaz, throwing his set of telekill knives on him. Suprised foe observed as knives flew toward him…

Suddenly, Ambrose found himself on the floor by the wall, heavily damaged. He saw that his own knives are plunged into his chest and legs. He started to profusely bleed.

"This is 「KING CRIMSON」!" said the attacker. Chaz saw the glimpse of a scarlet humanoid next to him. The man approached the injured chef, so he could finally see his face.
"T-Tim? B-but why?"
"I decided to get rid of you first, for what you did to the poor Pearl," said Tim Wilson.
"Of course. The genocide tale would suck if i would kill only one person. Well, I killed those people in the restaurant, but I don't think they enough important to count. Anyway, it's time for you to perish. How can I… oh, I know!: he said and set the fire in the hearth. "Eye for the eye, grill for a grill."

Chaz Ambrose started to scream.

"Damn you, you stupid caretaker," said Bumaro, slashing Wilson with his arm blades, so sharp they cut through the darkness. "You may kill my fellow worshippers, but there is no goddamn way you won't pay for it. Eat that".

Tim shouted as he felt the fast cuts on his arms. He held up his swords and attacked Bumaro, but didn't do any damage, because he was protected with unbreakable metal armor.

Tim heard the snarling just in time to avoid Ion's sneaky attack. Grand Karcist, turned into a giant meat beast flew right past him, and hit the wall.

"Not gonna lie, boys, you surprised me with your team-up, but ok. I carry two swords — one for humans and one for monsters. To be honest, i don't think if Bumaro is human now, but Ion sure qualifies as a monster now, so I'm gonna go with that, Let me get rid of Boomero first."

"You can try," said Bumaro. He jumped toward Wilson and started attacking him with his blades. Tim was blocking attacks with his swords, then he also tried to erase time to his advantage, but nothing worked. His armor seems actually unbreakable and his blades were unmatched. Also, Ion was jumping around him like some big chungus. But… Wilson was smiling.

'Stop smiling, you masochist! You're pissing me off! Let's end this!"

Bumaro slashed Wilson's chest, and he started bleeding… but this wasn't human's blood.

"Wait, is that… rabbit blood?"

"Oh, did i forgot to introduce you to my friend I stole from one of Foundation sites before I detonated it yesterday?" he pulled a rabbit out of his jacket pocket. "He's called Walter, but I called him Pearl II: Omnivourus Boogaloo. Oh, he's also very hungry and angry."

"You're kidding me…" said Bumaro as the rabbit jumped on his head and start eating his helmet. Soon he started screaming.

"Have a good meal, Walter. Now…" he turned to Ion. Ancient Sarcist was standing in front of him, horribly mutated and terrifying. He was smiling.

"Damn, this will be hard. Ion is no joke, and I am not prepared for this battle" Tim thought as he raised his swords, preparing for an attack. Ion charged. He was running toward the caretaker, getting closer and closer, as Wilson was trying to look brave…

Suddenly, Ion fell down to the floor. He stopped moving. "What the hell?" Wilson carefully approached the Karcist. He checked his pulse. Ion's heart stopped moving.

"Did he… had a heart attack mid-battle? Lol"

He sank a sword into sarcist's heart, to make sure he'll remain dead.

"That was… weird."


Wilson turned back and saw a man at the end of the room.

"Excuse me, sir, do I know you?"

"You sure will do. My name is Big Cheese Horace and I am here to stop your murderous pastimes! Now get ready for my universe-killing attack!"

"Fuck off"

Tim threw his sword, which hit a man directly into the heart. Horace fell out down to the floor.

"Come, Pearl II: Omnivourus Boogaloo" he said to the rabbit, which finished eating Bumaro. "Let's get out of this religious madhouse"

Aaron was waiting for Tim in the cafeteria. He waved at him as he entered the room.

"Wilson! Here, have a seat!" he said. The man accepted his offer.

"Hello, Mr. Siegiel."

"So, you've come to kill me, just like everyone else, right?"


"I was observing your escapades and need to admit, you had some pretty impressive things. I would never imagine you would be able to kill Bright by creating a temporal paradox when he just kills himself in an infinite loop."

"Yeah, I did that"

"Anyway, I guess The Council is next on your murder list. And, let me guess, you bribed the waiter to poison my coffee?" he said as he poured out the coffee on the floor.

"No, that would be lazy. I bribed the man in the clothes shop."

Aaron immediately realized and he grabbed his new tie.

"Too late, poison already enter your body."

"Damn you. You got me, but you didn't defeat me. There are 12 Overseers left, and you will never kill them all."

"Oh, I have already taken care of them. I'm afraid you're the last one left."

"What?!!! That's impossible! No one is able to kill the entire council!"

"No one… but one man. And a few days ago I legally changed my name."

"You didn't—"

"You can call me Calvin Lucien now"

"Oh fuck you!" said Aaron before he died.

"Halt! Who dares enter the Court of Scarlet King, Destroyer of Countless Dimension, Beast Born From Chaos, Emperon of Everything, The Reason We Fear Darkness?" said giant eldritch horror standing by gigantic ruby gate covered with skulls of prey of his master.

"Tim Wilson. I work with animals." said puny human standing near to the tiniest toe of the giant. "I came here to kill your master."

The Guardian keked. "You… would kill my master? And what weapon do you have that i should ever let you met him? XDDDDD"

"Ummm… 「KING CRIMSON」?" answered Tim.

"What? 「KING CRIMSON」? Then, of course, I need to let you go. Crimson King vs Scarlet King! Everyone from the JJBA fanbase wants this confrontation!"

The Guardian moved from Tim Wilson. The gate and opened the gate.

"That's why this fight will take offscreen lol," said the human, entering the room.

After a moment, a terrifying voice shouted: "Who dares enter the Court of Scarlet King, Destroyer of Countless Dimension, Beast Born From Chaos, Emperon of Everything, The Reason We Fear Darkness?!"

"Tim Wilson. I work with animals."

The sounds of epic battle sounded and lasted for about an hour. The Guardian put one of his many ears to the door and listened to the roars, punches, sounds of breaking chairs, and meowing of cats. After it all went silent, Tim spoke from behind the door. "Okay, now let me out"

Guardian opened the door and as Wilson exited the room, he saw his master, lying on his throne, donuted, with a fridge filled with his vegetable sandwiches stuck in his head.

"H-how?! How did you kill him?" he asked Tim.

"Plot armor baby," he said as he shot the giant with his gun.

Wondertaiment. Fuller. Gears, Clef, and all those stupid self insert names. dado. Marshall. Carter. Dark. Anderson. Also Anderson. L.S. D.C All Fine. your mom. Faeowynn Wilson.

It took some time, but Wilson killed them all.

Some tried to hide, some tried to fight, but it didn't give them anything. With the power of anime on his side, Tim just slew them, one way or another. Sadly, Pearl II: Omnivourus Boogaloo got indigestion after eating the entire Mekhane and died, so Wilson was alone again.

Only one name remained on his Handy Dandy Murder List.

Well, that name wasn't.

"So," said Tim to Nobody. "What you got to stop me?"

"Umm… to be honest, you kinda surprised me"

"What? I'm doing my murderous crusade for few months for now. HOW can you need not be aware that I'm coming for you?"

"I'm not good at math, I thought that there are some more people left."

"Damn, you've supposed to be the final boss of this tale. And you are not prepared?"

"I am not. Well, then… random bullshit, go!" said Nobody, throwing some tools he had in his secret base, such as Stick of The Atheist, at Tim. He erased time to avoid them and started running toward the Nobody. Then Nobody used his final trick. He hugged Tim.


"I just need to hug you, pal."

"You really think that you can defeat me with the power of love?"

"No, i just needed to touch you to activate my 「KILLER QUEEN」 first bomb. See ya."

Wilson exploded.

"Well, that was surprisingly ea—" Nobody's victory speech was interrupted as he was shot in his back. He fell on the floor and saw the shooter. It was Tim of course.


"Determination and plot armor my friend"

"You used plot armor in the last scene"

"Then only determination. Anyway, it's time for my famous Seven Page This-is-place-where-name-of-King-Crimson-Stand-cry-would-be-if-he-had-one!'

He summoned 「KING CRIMSON」 and started to punch and punch and punch and punch and punch and punch and punch and punch and punch {insert many "and punch" here} and punch Nobody. He fell to the floor.

"Now before you die, I need to damage you in an unusual way to score more points or something, like…" he tied Nobody and put a computer in front of him. "I turned Minecraft Roleplay Youtube Videos on. You will die from the cringe."

"Uh…" said Nobody as he started watching.

"Now, you're the last one left, so I almost fulfilled the tale's requirements. I just need to…" he ate an egg he has in his pocket. "kill myself. In about a minute, a dragon will hatch from this egg, and because it's magic, it will be giant and destroy my stomach."

"Wait…" said Nobody, dying from the cringe. "You aren't done yet."

"I am not? What are you talking about? I did it. I fulfilled the tale's requirements."

"You didn't"

"But i killed them all! As the title says, "Tim Wilson KILLS THE SCP UNIVERSE!!!"

"You dumbass, the title is "Tim Wilson KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!!!" and you haven't killed a single Marvel character yet."

"Oh fuck"

And then they both died.

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