UIU Location Dossier — "Three Portlands"

An independent city-state and paranormal enclave accessible by Way from Portland (ME), Portland (OR), and the Isle of Portland (UK). The UIU's Hoover Mandate prohibits Foundation action in the city.


Flag of Three Portlands

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Three Portlands


Pocket Universe/City-State

Settled ~1890s
Incorporated 1915; 1922
US Discovery 1929
Foundation Discovery 1970
Government Mayor-Council
Body Three Portlands City Council
Mayor The Mayor
Area 27 sq mi
(~70 km2)
Residents ~80,000
Daily Transients ~2500 (avg)
~12,000 (peak)
Demonym Portlandser
Languages English
Modern Celtic
Currencies US dollar
Pound sterling

The City of Three Portlands, commonly called Three Portlands, Three Ports (3Ports), or simply Portlands, is an independent city-state and paranormal enclave located within a self-contained pocket universe, accessible via Ways located in and around Portland, Maine; Portland, Oregon; and the Isle of Portland in the United Kingdom. With an estimated permanent population of approximately 80,000 persons, Three Portlands is the largest paranormal enclave in North America, and is one of the most populous locations to be entirely concealed behind the Veil.

Three Portlands' sovereignty has historically been challenged by the United States, arising from the need to monitor and limit access to the city in order to maintain consensus normalcy. Since 1940, Three Portlands has been in free association with the United States, which recognizes and guarantees the city's autonomy while reserving the right to enforce laws and regulations necessary to protect normalcy within the adjacent regions of America.

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