Three Musings On How It Might've Happened

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Translator’s note: While researching the Koru-teusa, I came upon an ancient Ortothan text examining the circumstances behind Nesren-leusan's apparent death. Presented in what I can only describe the Ortothan equivalent of dialectic, I've decided to translate this text into English as three short stories with footnotes explaining various minutiae of the text. I'm not sure if these accounts were the most prevalent theories as to how Nesren-leusan was forgotten, but if nothing else, they provide clarity into how those that came before us understood the situation. Perhaps sharing this account may help us understand, too, and solve the mystery once and for all. ~A.C.


And as Nestor wandered, he soon realized he was lost in the cosmos.1 It soon became apparent that something was not right. Thus, the Void2 spoke:

You’re certainly not from here, are you?3

Nestor, ever alert, responded:

“Where exactly is ‘here’? What is this place?”

Perhaps this Place cannot be conceptualized by descriptors of location. It seems to me, we’re on the edge of all that exists.

“I have been to the farthest reaches of this, the second hytoth, and this Place is not like any of those.”

I did not say we are at the farthest reaches. I don’t pretend to know exactly what this place is, I merely offer my hypothesis.

“If this Place is not a location, what is it?”

If nothing else it is a good place to rest.

“I don’t understand.”

The Void was cunning, and Nestor was already disoriented and confused. The Void whispered in a soothing voice:

Surely, you are weary, great traveller.

“Perhaps… but I must remain vigilant.”

Wondrous being, you have fought long and hard to be here.

“And the fight must continue…”

Is that what you wish to be bound to for the rest of existence? Brutal fighting?

Nestor found himself growing wearier.

“…But I must continue to protect existence.”

Brave warrior, surely there are other champions who can fight?

“I suppose…”

Then surely there is no harm in resting here for just a moment.

“…Just a moment…”

Rest, and when you rise, the battle shall continue, with you as their Hero.


Nestor had been lulled into a slumber of the forgotten. The Void thought itself clever for having tricked a deity. But as it attempted to commandeer the holy vessel, the vessel became weaker. For in being forgotten, Nestor’s body had begun to waste away. The Void screamed as it desperately attempted to become something.

But there was nobody awake to hear it. And soon, the screaming, too, faded. For the Void cannot be defined except by its absence.


And soon Agnes, after eons of searching, came upon the Unknown.4 Defensive, she began the interrogation.

“Who are you?” Agnes demanded.

“Who are you?” It countered.

“You have been wreaking havoc upon the entire second hytoth,” Agnes continued.

“Have you not been wreaking havoc?”

“What are you saying?”

“You should not have come here, foolish god.”

As the Unknown spoke, Agnes felt herself grow weaker.

“What are you doing to me?” She asked.

“The same as you are doing to me.”

“I am still strong enough to fight you!”

“Then be strong enough to leave before all is lost!”

Enraged, Agnes attacked. Though the short battle hurt the Unknown, Agnes found herself incapicated all the same.

“What is happening?”

“We are annihilating each other,” the Unknown finally explained. “That is why I begged you to leave.”

“So this is what being forgotten feels like?” Agnes said, only enough power left to talk.

“I am not pleased with this outcome either. That is why I wandered the cosmos, to evade you. But now you have caught me, it is too late.”

“Surely, this is not the end.”

“Of course not. But for us, it is.”

“I could escape yet!”

“There is no one for billions of lightyears. I am sorry, but you will be forgotten long before anyone can save you, and therefore me.”

“But there must be something we can do!”

The Unknown pondered for a second.

“Yes,” it finally replied. “We can remain with each other as we fade out of existence.”

Agnes tried to counter, but found her spirit was too weak. She and the Unknown stayed as old companions as they slowly ceased to exist. With her last bit of strength, Agnes made one last remark:

“I’m sorry.”

And where once there had been two, there was not.


Thus, Nes came upon the place outside of all they could define. In the vast everythingness5 surrounding them, they were able to talk with Time itself.

Do you know how you came to be here, strange one?

"Vaguely. Does it matter anymore?"

I suppose not.

Here, Nes could feel time rushing around them like a river, surrounding them like the wind, flowing in and out of them, like their own blood.

Do you understand what is happening, young god?6

"It defies understanding, but in essence I am being forgotten, am I not?"

That is correct. I am sorry.

"There is no fault to assign. Even if there were, it would not be yours to claim."

Nes understood that here, time happened all at once and not at all. Forwards, backwards, sideways, diagonal. The flow of time meant nothing here, it simply was.

"Is this what dying feels like?"

Perhaps. But not right now. Maybe never. Maybe it's already happened.

"I feel at peace."

So you will stay. I will be here for as long as you need.

"I understand."

Truly, I am sorry for the world and the battle you leave behind.

I know. But they shall be fine, Nes contemplated, for as long as even one remains to fight we shall never lose.

And I shall ensure there is always one who remains to fight.

And some say Nes is still out there, in the everythingness. Some say Nes is the reason we have hope at all.

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