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…we're not asking you to believe this story. Indeed, skepticism is a sign of a healthy mind. All of us were like you once, with all our biases and science and religions/lack thereof. You may keep your preconceived notions, for now.

All we ask is that you remember what you have read here. And when your time comes, when you close your eyes in this world and open them to three moons in a sky of green, you will remember who your guardian angels are — and join us.

You are watched. You are protected. You are loved.


— excerpt from a ☽☽☽ Initiative recruitment tract collected in Baltimore, MD


Flag of the ☽☽☽ Initiative

Group of Interest: The Three Moons Initiative / ☽☽☽ Initiative1

Group of Interest Number: 4019

AKAs: Three Moons, Children of JALAKÅRA, Durakh-Naùu2, ☽☽ Initiative3, Lunar Dawn Initiative4

Area of Operations: Corbenic, Earth, fictional narratives5

Threat Level: Orange

Description: The Three Moons Initiative is an extradimensional human organization based in SCP-2922-C, an afterlife also known as Corbenic.

The Initiative was founded approximately 14,000 years ago for the purpose of establishing organized human colonization in an afterlife. Through the Initiative, the sins of the deceased are put through a rigorous judging process, and punished and rewarded by a two-thirds majority vote of the Perdition Committee.

Through the Humanity Defense Corps, their military branch, they act as a multi-dimensional security force for the protection of the human race. As such, they monitor Earth6 and carry out covert military intervention for its defense, often regardless of nuance or long-term consequences.

Organic matter is incapable of leaving Corbenic. As such, the majority of objects associated with the Three Moons Initiative are drones and other machines remote-controlled from Corbenic. These objects gain access to our world through a dimensional aperture on the dark side of the Moon.

While Initiative personnel believe that they're operating in humankind's best interests, military overreach, poor communication, issues with internal bureaucracy, and other factors — combined with their disproportionately high military strength to our own — have made them a potential liability to public safety in our dimension.

An uneasy peace is kept between the Three Moons Initiative and the SCP Foundation via the Treaty of Cagnazzo. Breach of the treaty is to be treated as a potential XK-class end-of-the-world scenario.

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