Chapter Five: This Place Seems So Familiar
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It's just me and Tim now.

Everyone else is gone.

He came up to tell me. William and Marie dug up Evan's body, took the life raft, and left. We're alone. On the upside, this means more food for us… I'm still hoping someone will come along and find us here. I want to know more about who owns this place, why it's so strange. Is the cliff really some sort of pier? Or is it something stranger?

I can't help thinking about how the front half of the plane just vanished, how the seam was so straight and perfect… How it looked just like the cliff at the end of the island Tim is sitting on dangling his feet over the water as he fishes to kill time. Perfectly straight edges… I think I'm beginning to understand. In a scary science fiction sort of way, it makes sense.

It's impossible, but… I think I unders

Researcher's Note: Document 1057-E-Stephen was discovered in the upper floor bedroom of a beachside rental home on the peninsula at[REDACTED]. The site was brought to the attention of the Foundation by a caretaker, who arrived to mow the lawn to find a male corpse, minus the legs and with the arms removed just below the elbows, lying in the middle of the driveway. Study of this document as well as [REDACTED]dentifies the body as Timothy Zwicky, who has been missing since the loss of ████████ flight ████ out of San Diego in March of ████. Neighbors report not seeing anyone enter or leave the house since the caretaker's last visit. Note that the house is not, nor has it ever been, located on an island. The "cliff" described in this account does not exist.

The body of a woman identified as Marjory Vinnigio, also listed as missing following the disappearance of flight ███, was found in the house. Cause of death appears to be multiple gunshot wounds to the head and body.

Of particular interest to the Foundation is the fact that no passenger named "Stephen" is listed on Flight ███'s manifest. No other persons were found in the house, and the identity of this document's author is currently unknown.

Case 1057-E is open for all researchers with interest in contributing, to both evidence gathering and analysis. Personnel who wish to assist should contact doctor Vanheissen, and requisition documents 1057-E-Timothy, 1057-E-Ma[DATA EXPUNGED]

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