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In three days, Evelyn would complete her signal flare to the world. She had spent the two years of her life searching for shadows in the canopy of the internet, hunting for the liminal spaces for signs of something more than this. Two years since she died.

Evelyn @OddAndEvelyn · Sept 1
Hey I'm having a shit day. Reply with your favorite ghost stories. I'll start with mine:

Kim ~ON HIATUS~ @TrifectaKim · Sept 1
@OddAndEvelyn you've been gone for like 3 months!

Evelyn @OddAndEvelyn · Sept 1
@TrifectaKim yes message me I need to explain (Note: Translated from Spanish)

The lights above her head were the color of a hospital wall. She had kept them uncomfortable so she wouldn't forget. Given the fully furnished bedroom of the co-living apartment, it was the only thing she could do to make the space undeniably hers. The contract listed that not even the walls belonged to her to hang something sentimental. At least the rent was cheap and the utilities were bundled in.

The thin door did nothing to hide the cloying, sweet air or sizzle of pancake breakfast; Kim must be awake. Evelyn had worked through the night again. She had noticed a deviation in her collected documents, but her mind was too tired from lack of sleep and she needed to leave to see her mother later that day— she promised. If someone had happened to shutter the blinds as she crawled into bed, Evelyn didn't notice.



Kim I can't explain to you but I died. I was in the hospital.


WTF? You never told me! How come no one's heard?! Are you oay!!


🗸 Seen

Again, I can't explain to you. Something happened in there.

I think it was a taxi. No. A Bus

I see you typing stfu let me finish

My legs were gone and I hurt. You know how they say you can still feel your legs? Well that's a fucking lie I couldn't feel anything but how much pain I was in and the doctors kept telling me that they couldn't safely up me any more.

I couldn't fully explain to you what happened, no seeing the light at the end of a tunnel stuff.

Someone told the doctors to go away or they left or something I don't remember. Something is missing.

I woke up at my moms and she didn't notice anything wrong.

No hospital bill came up and I went and I did that thing, you know, the thing I do, I let the programs let me in.


I went into the database and looked at the date of which my accident happened.

There's empty lines



eve what

🗸 Seen



eve that's not a thing I think that might've been a dream

🗸 Seen

No I was totally awake. I was totally awake that time.


After waking up, showering, and checking her work email, Evelyn started to get ready to visit her parents out in the suburbs. She briefly moved to check the forums of her little beta site while she waited for the coffee machine to finish brewing. The launch date displayed prominently on the top. More new users were signing up every day, and it was a chore to greet them. They appeared more and more faceless every day. She had only a few minutes before she had to get ready to go see her mother.

One user had a null name but she didn't have time to investigate the graphical glitch.

TO CATCH AN APEX PREDATOR: The Hunt for Oregon's Most Dangerous Game / Discussion

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complicatedavrillavigne2002 at 20:30:12

This is is amazing! Maybe it's related to the other V cryptids?

peyton at 20:50:11

this is definitely a descendant of sobek i 100 percent bet you


There's no evidence to support that. It's an extremely dangerous anomaly that hates life. All life. Listen to me.

kinstanfan at 01:33:16

Hey UraniumEmpire, do you need anyone to help? I live in the area and I'm a biology student in ecology. If we can get a sample of anything, I can get a DNA sample going.


You'll both be killed. Please, you have to listen to me. please. you only survived via fluke last time please

It was only in mid conversation with her mother that she found it strange no one responded to such a bold claim. She lost track of what she was saying and trailed off, chasing the implications.

"Evelyn, it is rude not to respond to your abuela when she asks a question. You haven't been home in over a month and she misses you dearly. You're her closest granddaughter and you never see her." Her mother spoke as she set down the family dinner of chicken, rice and beans. Somewhere the house smelled of fresh arroz con leche, hidden away for dessert as a bribe to stay just a little longer, perhaps even overnight.

Evelyn turned to her grandmother at the warm, wooden dining table, lined with enough chairs for two or three families. Her mother was right, and her grandmother wasn't getting any younger. It was just the three of them tonight, her father still out working late. Work would kill him, eventually, but she couldn't say she wasn't following in his footsteps. With guilt in her gut she listened to her grandmother speak again.

"How is the new apartment?" Her abuela asked.

"It's fine, cheaper than the last apartment, and they have cleaners coming in regularly." She answered, and left out that she only technically rented the bedroom. Evelyn's eyes drifted to the empty chairs; when she and her cousins were all young, it seemed like there'd never be enough seating for the impromptu family gatherings. Now, like her, they had all fled across the country like birds spooked by the rigor and structure of their parents' homes.

She fled her home into the city, rushing out the door to live her own life and with nary a glance to what she had left behind. The walls of the dining room were adorned with pictures of family- aunts and uncles, grandparents when they were young, parents having just arrived themselves in the new country, fleeing their own homes with the same eagerness of their own youth. Great aunts and great grandparents from the homes that've been fled from. Whenever a family ate here, they ate with their memories.

"Have you found a nice boy yet? It's unsafe for a girl to live by herself," her grandmother continued, spooning more rice onto her cleared plate. Evelyn probably gained five pounds per visit.

She took her time in responding, "No, it's quite safe," because she couldn't tell her mother or her grandmother about Kim. And she couldn't tell them about her new community either, her own version of a family, banding together to face an unknown.

She didn't take the bribe to stay for dessert. She had a two hour bus ride back home and the sun threatened setting; if she tried to leave at night it'd be an argument. At least leaving in the twilight left only a sense of bitterness. The bus driver announced no stops on her way home, kindly silent, and allowed her the space to ponder the difference between migration and abandonment.

#LetTheFactoryFail / Discussion

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whiplash_the_awesome007 at 10:04:22

Man the Factory's marketing scheme sucks.


The Factory is entirely true without any marketing scheme. Since no one is responding to me, it doesn't matter, but I'll just point to these coordinates- 32°07′35.2″N 45°14′0.17″E for the first HQ.

OddAndEvelyn 23:44:02

Hey has anyone else noticed this Null person at all? They keep saying things and no one's responding. Null, who are you?

"I'm right beside you." They said, standing in the open elevator to Evelyn's apartment as she stepped inside. The elevator was lit enough to make their silhouette clear. Their sudden presence prompted no surprise, not even a flinch of that voice within the silence of the evening.

They slotted into her memory as neatly as the doors closed behind her. The hospital- and the undeniable paranormality- the capacity to undo, to unwind, to unbecome, in the manner of an editor's red pen onto a piece of fiction. "You saved my life," she stated, almost accused. "You said you needed me to make this. To keep going."

"Yes, I did." They spoke in an exhaustion that might've once been pride.

"You knew what I was doing- you were helping me. I remember. Who are you? What do you want with me?"

"I'm nothing. I'm no one. You don't understand- nobody does- I don't." They talked with their hands, with sweeping gestures. Like someone who had started to scream with their whole body just to to be heard above the din of the world. There was an eagerness and delight in their eyes just from being looked at, and knowing Evelyn was seeing them.

"You know things," she accused. "You knew everything. Your posts."

"I know, and there's more I know- and much more I don't. Like me. Like you. We're both looking for the same thing- answers for what we know. What we are." Their presence was remarkably light for their energy, their eagerness. For all that they vibrated with excitement, Evelyn felt hardly burdened. "And you'll come to know them too- and then teach me things I don't know. Together, as Parawatch. We're going to uncover the things that's been keeping us all in the dark for too long. But… I just need to tell you, you need to tell the others in the community to be more careful. There's plenty of people out there that make their living snuffing out the candles that will light the world for humanity. We've been lucky so far. But only lucky."

Evelyn found herself excited with their excitement as the doors opened. She stepped out and powerwalked down the hall to her flat. "Come inside. You and I have to talk. Do you want some water, coffee, tea?" Her hands nearly dropped the keys as she moved to open the door.

"Don't forget what I said about warning people. Please. You have to tell them," they said.

"Yeah I know, come on." Evelyn opened her shared flat and turned away to step inside. The common kitchen and living room remained pitch black- as expected, it was a little past midnight. She took care to close and lock the entrance, then got herself a glass of water from the kitchen and crept into her room.

She had less than forty-eight hours to release her signal flare to the world, to announce that Parawatch existed, that her little community was here and together would attempt to shine a light on the real mysteries lurking in the darkness. An open invitation for anyone curious, eager, seeking something new and unknown.

Her phone remained on an unanswered thread about the poor marketing tactics of The Factory, but she didn't remember why she had ever selected it. While she was there, though, she might as well lay the groundwork for the influx of new users.

Safety PSA

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Just wanting to let people be aware.

OddAndEvelyn at 08:33:12

IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS WE WILL BE OFFICIAL WITH A NEWSLETTER AND WEBSITE! All are welcome to join us as we document REAL cryptids, ghosts, and other paranormal phenomena! But PSA to the newbie parahunters out there- don't forget to be safe! The #Parawatch website will include a guide for safety gear & preferred vendors in our forums.

UraniumEmpire at 08:42:54

Oooh I haven't heard this idea before! What're you thinking of?

OddAndEvelyn 10:04:22

Purification salts, organic sage, survival gear, chest cams, pepper spray, rosaries- you can never be too careful out there.

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