Fixing logins on Chrome and Edge
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If you are unable to log on when using custom domains (e.g. or, you need to use the equivalent * link. In short, use to access the SCP Wiki.

This issue affects all Chromium-based browsers, which includes Microsoft Edge.

Additionally, after logging in there will sometimes be a delay where the pop-up window stalls. Typically, the login is already complete at this stage, and you can simply close the pop-up and refresh the page.

You can make this change automatic using the Redirector Chrome extension. Add a redirect rule similar to the following:

Firefox does not have the underlying code change that causes this issue, and does not plan on implementing it in the near future. Alternatively, switching to it as your main browser for the wiki will allow you to use

If you have any questions, you can ask in #site11, our IRC channel for technical matters.

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