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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” — Sir Arthur C. Clarke

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1. UIU File: 2003-112 (OPERATION: PANDORA) by Anorrack
2. Blind To The Big Surprise by ch00bakka
3. SCP-5525 by GreenWolf
4. A Thorne Is Born by GreenWolf
5. Australian Rules Drag Racing by ch00bakka

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

— Sir Arthur C. Clarke

"Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral."

— Melvin Kranzberg

"To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction."

— Sir Isaac Newton

Startup (1882-1945)

The end of the Sixth Occult War marks the start of the modern era of normalcy, as the Veil is adopted as a formal policy and new organizations and agencies emerge to challenge the longstanding occult orders and cabals. This era is dominated by the Paranormal Renaissance, with the scientific method being applied against the mystical for the first time. Parahuman populations expand and anomalous phenomena proliferate, adding further fuel to the fires of the new parasciences. This period ends abruptly and violently with the outbreak of the Seventh Occult War.

  • Preliminary Report of J. C. Randall... — In 1927, Doctor John Carver Randall led a team of experts on an expedition to explore the multiverse. They never returned. Written by GreenWolf
  • Zeitgeist — A day in the life of a ghost hitman, a space-drug smuggler, a psychic mob cleaner, and a junkie witch. Enter: the Chicago Spirit! Written by A Random Day
  • The Seventh Occult War
    • Everybody Look What's Going Down — The Ancient and Most Noble Order of Gormogons is called upon to annihilate a secret Nazi UFO base. Written by ch00bakka
    • Obskuracorps Memos Acquired in Operation BLACK ROPE — Nazi wizards frantically plot to assemble a doomsday weapon, all while being hounded by a machine that punches fascists. Written by GreenWolf
    • Archival Document -- HSA-008-Advent — Mankind has always been enamored with cool swords. The Allied Occult Initiative has to make sure the Obskuracorps doesn't sway the course of the war with one. Written by NatVoltaic
    • A Man of Clay and Men Formerly Men — Special Operative Josef invites himself into an abandoned manor to put an end to an occult experiment. Written by NatVoltaic
    • SCP-3457 - The Rite of Solomon — Want to create a god that lets you control who gets to be a wizard? Well you can't because the Foundation won't let you, but if you could you'd have to use this. Written by ChaoSera

Bubble (1945-1991)

In the aftermath of the Seventh Occult War, a new global consensus on normalcy emerges, even while international tensions reach new heights amid the Cold War. Both create a demand for new and better paratech, leading to a parascience bubble that will last for half-a-century. Normalcy organizations and paranormal agencies reach the zenith of their power, giving rise to a strong Veil and the so-called "Golden Age of Normalcy".

Burst (1991-2024)

The fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War causes the paratech bubble to burst, sending shockwaves through the Veiled world. An anomalous black market begins to emerge as old Soviet paratech stocks are lost and looted. The decline and eventual dissolution of Prometheus Labs in 1998 only serves to further destabilize the already reeling paranormal economy. Without the Cold War to justify their budgets, national paranormal agencies are downsized just as new mass communications technologies emerge, putting the integrity of the Veil in question for the first time in decades. And hanging over it all is the looming threat of another occult war…

  • When Parallel Lines Diverge — Two UIU agents find themselves going in the same direction along different paths. Written by Jacob Conwell and GreenWolf
  • SCP-4566: The Mark of Xerrox — Assassination is so passé—the hot new trend in the Chaos Insurgency is making your enemies fictional. Written by ch00bakka
  • Grant Request for the Construction of an Interstellar Science Vessel — Prometheus Labs has always dreamed big, and there's nothing around bigger than space. So the logical conclusion is to build a starship powered by a black hole. Written by GreenWolf
  • The Bard of Ambrose — After years of work, Prometheus Labs has finally succeeded in creating an artificial intelligence capable of thinking like a person. The only problem is that it thinks it doesn't think at all. Written by GreenWolf
  • SCP-2897 - The Bard of Analytics — What do you do with an AI capable of thinking that it doesn't think at all? The Department of Analytics thinks it has the answer. Written by GreenWolf
  • SCP-2820 - Vaishnavastra — The Lord makes his presence known in many forms - including an AI-controlled death ray. Written by A Random Day
  • Moonlighting — Building an android for an art show is clearly the best way to get back at your dad. Written by A Random Day
  • UIU File: 2003-112 (OPERATION: PANDORA) — Designer drugs? Check. Chatty salesgolems? Check. A bullfrog friend named Jeremiah? Check. Written by Anorrack
  • SCP-2176 - Ghostlight™ — It's a lightbulb. Filled with ghosts. It's a ghostlight. Written by GreenWolf
  • SCP-2308 - Futures Trading — As it turns out, time travel isn't a safe investment strategy after all. Written by GreenWolf
  • UIU File: 2014-014 — There's a big gentle shark who only wants to get away and a bunch of crazy technocultists who want to get metaphysical with it. Written by NatVoltaic and LordStonefish
  • The Analog Kid — What's the difference between a hivemind and two-way telepathy? Is there a difference? The answer may lie inside an abandoned machine shop in Three Portlands. Written by GreenWolf
  • Apotheosis
    • Avatara — After life is death. After death is rebirth. After rebirth is causing death. Written by A Random Day
    • Grant Request for Investigating the Application of... — In 1988, Prometheus Labs unearthed the corpse of a god. This is what they planned to do with it. Written by GreenWolf
    • SCP-2970 - Holy Misplacement — An immortal missionary, last survivor of a religion long lost to the ages, begs to be made whole. But how much does he truly know? Written by TyGently
    • The Lord of Endowments — The god of transhumanism. Written by sirpudding
    • Samsara — The Warrior seeks revenge. Tau-5 seeks humanity. Neither of them realize that they are pawns of a higher force seeking to become whole. Written by A Random Day and TyGently
  • The Fountain of Lamneth — You wouldn't download a car, so why would you download Cthulhu? Written by Taffeta
  • Unusual Investigations — Quid Pro Quo
    • Vital Signs — A clandestine meeting in a coffee shop, an excursion to a library outside of space, and an illegal search of the headquarters of a community leader. How far will one UIU agent go to repay a favor? Written by GreenWolf
  • Rich Man's World — Or: Iris I Was A Rich Man. Or: There And Black Again. Written by ch00bakka
  • Death Perception — As Tau-5 struggle to fit into Site-30's Halloween party, a strange memory puts them on the path of paranormal self-discovery. Written by A Random Day and TyGently
  • To Be Noir Not To Be — There are only two things I hate about this job. The plasma cannon cleanups and the fanfiction reading. Written by Taffeta
  • Barrels of Prose and Slugs of Pulp — Writing space operas is just a slippery slope to fighting against calligraphy mages for your life. That and writing more space operas. Written by NatVoltaic
  • Unusual Investigations — The Three Portlands Bomber
    • Permanent Waves — A couple of UIU agents, a bomb, and a chain-smoker. Just an average week in Three Portlands. Written by GreenWolf
    • A Farewell to Kings — The chase is on as Agent Green and the UIU hunt down the individual responsible for planting the memetic bomb in Three Portlands. Written by GreenWolf
    • Moving Pictures — The UIU's hunt for the Three Portlands Bomber culminates in a climactic wizard duel in a museum of illegal art. Written by GreenWolf
  • The Powers That Bark — When Tau-5 adopts a new, four-legged trooper, its most dangerous member has a crisis of faith. Written by TyGently and A Random Day
  • Guns Pointed at the Head of God — In 1998, Prometheus Labs built a weapon with enough firepower to kill a god. Twenty years later, it's become obsolete. This is the arms race of the new age. Written by A Random Day
  • Portlands Derby Teams (Ranked By How Much They Scare Me) — Three Portlands has more roller derby teams per capita than anywhere else in the world, and all of them scare me shitless. Written by ch00bakka
  • Abstract Naught — Three years ago the Unusual Incidents Unit encountered a shark that ate concepts. It's November of 2017, and the investigation that this spurred is far from over. Written by NatVoltaic
  • The Unusual Suspects
    • 1. The Dedekind-Infinite Demographic — The Unusual Incidents Unit tackles a multiversal IP theft and the end of Samsara becomes the beginning of something much worse for the Foundation. Written by Taffeta
    • 2. Suspect Ratio — Pulling some Foundation strings, the Unit finds out just who their criminal really is — and more importantly, what she is. Written by Taffeta
  • Australian Rules Drag Racing — Demon-fueled dragsters blast through the Australian outback, their drivers duelling with blowdarts and bazookas. Can one humble reporter brave the desert heat, find the story, and finally get laid? Written by ch00bakka
  • Speed Demon — A drug-addicted witch and her psychic best friend clash with the forces of law and disorder, seeking to become the most legendary criminals in a high-tech city full of them. Written by A Random Day
    • Hypervelocity — An adrenaline junkie snorts demons like cocaine and robs a cursed bank.
    • Terminal Velocity — A criminal mastermind snorts demons like cocaine and hijacks an interdimensional train.
    • Escape Velocity (Ongoing) — When the Rookie's ex steals her powers and leaves her for dead, there's only one thing to do: cheat, steal, and kill her way into another universe to get revenge.
      • The Chosen Few — The Rookie travels to Three Portlands for a drink, but the UIU have other plans.
      • Morphine Machine — In order to track down her ex, the Rookie must enlist the help of the Black Queen.
      • Loud, Lawless, and Lost — The Rookie and the Black Queen launch a heist against Oneiroi, Inc., but they may get more than they bargained for.
      • The Revelation — The Rookie struggles to escape the clutches of Natasha Tokyopop.
      • Truth Is Sin — The Rookie makes a deal with the DJ.
      • The Vice Girls — Take a trip down memory lane and learn how the Rookie and Natasha Tokyopop first fell into each other's orbits.
      • Rise and Repent — Faced with the prospect of losing Natasha to a furry, the Rookie takes drastic measures.
      • Ecstasy and Exorcism — The Rookie makes terrible life choices.
      • Hard Machine — The Black Queen gets to know the Rookie inside and out.

Extra Reading

These tabs contain additional material about the canon's setting and background. If you're just a casual reader looking to get into Third Law then you don't need to read these, but if you're planning to contribute — or are just curious about the setting — then these are for you.

Tab Contents
Overview This is the tab you are reading right now. It has a table of contents for the other tabs.
Contributing A guideline for potential contributors, explaining the basics of writing for the canon and giving a brief summary of the underlying continuity, the overall tone, and the major themes.
Continuity A detailed explanation of the various states of extra-canonical continuity, and a list of major works outside of Third Law that are considered to be within the canon's continuity to a greater or lesser degree.
History An overview of the in-universe history of the canon, starting with the 6th Occult War and covering important events up to the start of the 21st century.
Groups A list of the various Groups of Interest that exist within the canon, with an introductory summary for each.
Locations A list of the various locations which serve as recurring settings within the canon, with a brief summary of each.
Timeline A detailed timeline of the major events within the canon and its continuity, with extensive crosslinks to the relevant articles where applicable.
References Some additional resources for readers and writers, including a glossary of terms used throughout the canon, an index of major characters with links to their individual appearances, and an index of recurring paratech.

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