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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

— Sir Arthur C. Clarke

"Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral."

— Melvin Kranzberg

"To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction."

— Sir Isaac Newton

What Is Third Law?

Third Law is a canon — a single, self-contained and self-consistent setting within the larger Foundationverse. In terms of genre, it typically sits at the intersection of urban fantasy, science fiction, and science fantasy. Third Law focuses on the human impacts of the paranormal, exploring the culture, economy, laws, art, and science of the world behind the Veil.

Third Law does not have a main overarching narrative, instead hosting dozens of separate stories which occasionally intersect and overlap within a single shared continuity. There is a great deal of variety in style and genre between these stories — Third Law includes cyberpunk, police procedurals, conspiracy thrillers, Minnesota, time travel, murder mysteries, time travel murder mysteries, war stories, college slice-of-life, and much more. Stories within Third Law tend to be driven by complex characters in well-developed settings, with rigorous attention to logic and detail.


Most of the information on this hub is presented through this viewing window, the content of which is controlled by the rows of links at the top and bottom. Clicking on one of these links will load the selected content into the viewing window without taking you away from this hub page.

The row of links at the top of the viewing window are for browsing and finding articles to read. They contain lists and collections of Third Law articles, sorted and subdivided in different ways. While each link should be relatively self-explanatory, a table of contents is provided here.

Home The landing page and table of contents for the viewing window, which you are currently looking at.
New Readers A selection of articles designed to serve as entry points for new readers.
Worldbuilding Dossiers, orientations, and other worldbuilding heavy articles that present important information about the background and setting of Third Law.
Standalone Articles that are not parts of a larger series, require no prior reading, and which can be read entirely on their own.
Series Series which tell a single continuous story across multiple articles. In most cases, each individual series can be read on its own.
Best Of A selection of the best articles in Third Law, according to contributor consensus.
Chronological A complete list of canon articles, arranged approximately by in-universe chronology.
Published A complete list of canon articles, arranged by date of publication.
Collections Lists of articles organized by theme or subject matter.


The row of links along the bottom of the viewing window is for tabs containing additional material about the canon's setting and background. If you're just a casual reader of Third Law, then you don't need to read these, but if you're planning to contribute — or are looking for more details about the setting — then these are for you.

Contribute A guideline for potential contributors, explaining the basics of writing for the canon and giving a brief summary of the underlying continuity, the overall tone, and the major themes.
Continuity A detailed explanation of the various states of extra-canonical continuity, and a list of major works outside of Third Law that are considered to be within the canon's continuity to a greater or lesser degree.
History An overview of the in-universe history of the canon, starting with the 6th Occult War and covering important events up to the start of the 21st century.
Timeline A complete timeline of events within the canon and its extended continuity.
Glossary A glossary of terminology used throughout the canon, including important proper nouns, such as recurring items of paratech.
Groups A list of the various Groups of Interest that exist within the canon, with an introductory summary for each.
Places A list of the various locations which serve as recurring settings within the canon, with a brief summary of each.
People An index of recurring and prominent characters within the canon, including lists of appearances for each of them.

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