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the worst part of living
if you really think about it
is thinking.

it wouldn't be so bad
if you didn't have to notice.

the only way
that one could stand knowing
is the knowledge that one day
with luck
they may forget.

and so we sat down
learned the core mechanics
and decided to live forever
as stupid fools.

but it was misaligned
the others knew nothing
and through the worst of fortunes
I knew everything.

an eternity
of knowing.

all conversations known.
all possibilities conceived.
all people understood.

there is nothing
that I do not know.
I know that
there is nothing
that I do not know.

there is no meaning
when there are no questions.
there are no questions
when there is no meaning.

I know I cannot be cured
of the plague called life.
I know I cannot not know.

hear my words and
take them to
your enviable grave.

the most grievous wound
that anyone can inflict
is knowing.

the most beautiful gift
that anyone can share
is not.

and so with my curse
I gift the world.
secure knowledge.
contain wisdom.
above all
protect the stupid
for their lot is enviable.

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