They Found Me
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Perhaps this may be a mirage
of a madman driven to the edge.
But perhaps a well placed barrage
may finally break the pre-cracked pledge.
Reader, should there be any.
Please do not let my ideals fall
but let them rise again and conduct the ferry
of war and fire, break down their wall.
Bring them to justice, answer the call.
If all is well then why must so many die
to their sick, sadistic vices?
Their hesitant insistence, all of it lies!
And yet they spit them out like geysers!
If we allow this to continue
all will fall to their desires.
So, I plea good reader, find it in you.
take down these liars.
I can hear them nearing now.
So my time is short.
A laser dot as they take a bow.
And now I question all I was taught.

They Found Me!

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