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Description of the Image located at the gates at the end of the Euphrates river

Nenita Ricker, Deborah Powell, Deane Roller, Valery Seeley, Salvador Gonzalez, Sommer Mcrae, Serita Lorenzo, Sauropus Sober, He Huimei, Arron Herrington, Fransisca Davison, Claire Pierce, Danilo Waters, John Smith, Rebekah Sanders, Daniel Iepureanu, Winston Griffin, Abraham Clark, Andriy Bondar

(Submitted 2:48 AM 27 Aug 2008)

As we are likely to forget seeing this Image, a number of us approached it with the blessing of Ezekiel, so that we might remember our interactions with it, and its answers to our questions. We could each feel frustration from the Image when we were conversing.

We offer only description of this Image and do not suggest it is divine - only in its presence on Earth, as all things are.

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Comments: correspondence, assignment images, files, assorted poems, playlists
Subjects: Secular Miracles; Discovered Miracles and Wonders
DOI: 0000.00000/olol/pcs198d
Cite as: hSArch:0000.00000 [wonder-MDA.Йю]





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