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What Is This?

This is a theme for the French GOI "SAPPHIRE".

How to Use

To use this theme, please copy this syntax onto the top of your page:

[[include :scp-wiki:theme:sapphire]]

What is this theme used for?

This theme exists to represent one interpretation of the Group of Interest "SAPPHIRE" from the French SCP Branch. For more information:

The Society of the Atheist Partisans of Progress for the Halt of the Irrational and Religious Enemy, better known as "SAPPHIRE", is a Group of Interest mostly established in all of Western Europe, but also present in Eastern countries, Northern Africa, as well as the East Coast of the United States.

The oldest known actions linked to SAPPHIRE date back to 1909, although the organization stayed very vague until the 1960s, when SAPPHIRE seemingly went through a major expansion. The precise cause for this is unknown.

SAPPHIRE advocates to fight any form of belief, religion and superstition that they believe is the underlying cause of the woes affecting mankind, as well as SCP objects that they consider to be the source of the aforementioned beliefs, religions, and superstitions.

In spite of the ideal of rationality and humanism SAPPHIRE claims to adhere to, they do not hesitate to use anomalous means for terrorist purposes and commit attacks against both traditional and occult religions, the primary victims of the attack often being civilians. Those attacks can also be directed against superstitions, as they target clairvoyance enthusiast civilians, or rival organizations including the Foundation.

—Selection from the SAPPHIRE Hub
Created and written by DrGeminiDrGemini
Translated into English by SkodamzSkodamz

This theme is suitable for use in SAPPHIRE's GOI Format, Tales, and other pages.

Example Formatting


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Tab content

Example GOI Format



By Person Name


The SAPPHIRE Format is known in-universe as the "Zetetic Bulletin". For an example of the format in action, see: The Myth of the Wu Xing Iris by Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini.

Format background and border:

[[div class="sapphire-block"]]

SAPPHIRE Formats are mock essays or dissertations. Each new paragraph is indented, and the entire format's text alignment property is justified, which is pre-baked into the theme's code. The font properties are also baked in.

Next, the format title and in-universe author name:

= [[span class="sapphire-heading-2"]]Placeholder[[/span]]
= [[span class="sapphire-heading-3"]]By Person Name[[/span]]

And the section header, which is used several times throughout the format:

[[div class="sapphire-hr"]]
= [[span class="sapphire-heading-4"]]SECTION HEADING[[/span]]
[[div class="sapphire-hr"]]

For quoted text passages:

[[div class="sapphire-excerpt"]]
Text here.


When in doubt,

Finally, close the background, border, & font by putting the following at the end of all inner elements:


When in doubt, doubt.

Source Code

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