Present Malice Theme

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What is this?

The Present Malice theme is a light theme for BHL visually based off of the 1996 survival horror videogame series Resident Evil. You can use it for any article… but preferably one with a sort of a "cold scientists research - and exploit - the unimaginable" vibe. Or if you like Resident Evil, of course.

Theme Colors

Umbrella Red--umbrella-red#8F0000
Barry's Magnum--barry-magnum#E6E6E6
Light S.T.A.R.S Blue--light-stars-blue#DCDAEB
Medium S.T.A.R.S Blue--medium-stars-blue#525366
Dark S.T.A.R.S Blue--dark-stars-blue#000854
Wesker's Shades--weskers-shades#141414
Itchy. Tasty.--itchy-tasty#7E4026
Chris's Blood--chris-blood#B90000


Signature Care Pharmaceuticals Logo

Note: This is a Black Highlighter based theme. You will need to import the Black Highlighter theme as well in order to use this theme. To learn more go here.

On any wiki:

[[include :scp-wiki:theme:black-highlighter-theme]]
[[include :scp-wiki:component:toggle-sidebar-bhl]]
[[include :scp-wiki:theme:present-malice]]

This theme also has code for WoedenazWoedenaz's BHL Toggle Sidebar. If you want it removed, simply remove its include above.


Alternate Centered Header

This theme has code for WoedenazWoedenaz's BHL Centered Header. If you want to add it, simply add:

[[include :scp-wiki:component:centered-header-bhl |malice=--]]]

after all of the includes above.


A horizontal rule can be created with 5 hyphens "-----" and extends across the whole page if it's not placed inside anything (eg a blockquote). The lines separating sections of this document are horizontal rules.

Titles can be created by putting between one and six plus "+" at the start of the line

Just use your imagination and pretend there's `Lorem Ipsum` here.

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More text

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Nested blockquotes

And another1

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The Header font is Anton.
The Title font is Courier Prime.
The Body font is Jost.
The Monospace font used is Anonymous Pro.

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