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What Is This?

This is the 'Pataphysics Department Theme, by Lt FlopsLt Flops.

It is inspired by the "Pataphysics Department", created by RimpleRimple.

This theme's animated logo was created by WoedenazWoedenaz.

How to Use

To use this theme, please copy this syntax onto the top of your page:

[[include :scp-wiki:theme:pataphysics]]

What is this theme used for?

This theme exists to represent one interpretation of the Pataphysics Department. It is not definitive of all pataphysical stories on the Wiki.

The Pataphysics (or 'Pataphysics) Department is not defined by any single canon:

  • Sometimes, it's a group of fictional characters documenting anomalies from various literature.
  • Sometimes, it's a group of people protecting the world from imagined monsters turned real.
  • Sometimes, it's a study of characters in a story interacting with or recognizing their shared fiction.
  • Other times, it's an exercise in breaking the fourth wall.

This theme is suitable for use in SCPs, Tales, and other pages.

For further information — like why this interpretation uses an apostrophe — see: The Wikipedia entry on 'Pataphysics.

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