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Bedrock is an aesthetic base theme created by EstrellaYoshteEstrellaYoshte, LirynLiryn and Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD, with special thanks to aismallardaismallard for assistance with GitHub, and WoedenazWoedenaz for the Edit Area button SVGs alongside general consulting.

This serves as the foundational structure for Basalt 2.0.

Lapis Lazuli--basalt-bright-element-color16,76,184

To use on a page, add the following:

[[include :scp-wiki:theme:bedrock]]


A horizontal rule can be created with 4 hyphens "----"1 and extends across the whole page if it's not placed inside anything (eg a blockquote). The lines separating sections of this document are horizontal rules.


Image block.

Titles can be created by putting between one and six plus "+" at the start of the line.

This is a tab view.

This is a blockquote, created by putting "> " at the start of each line.
More text

That's a horizontal rule

Nested blockquotes

This is a table
You should know how to make these

Header font is Lexend.

Body font is Inter.

UI font is Jost.

Monospace font is JetBrains Mono.

CSS Variables

Bedrock is built on a series of CSS variables, which can be changed to alter its appearance. Some top-level variables are:

:root {
    --basalt-primary-color: 254,254,254;
    --basalt-secondary-color: 247,248,250;
    --basalt-tertiary-color: 218,219,222;
    --basalt-main-text-color: 20,20,20;
    --basalt-overtone: 50,50,50;
    --basalt-undertone: 61,71,202;
    --basalt-bright-element-color: 16,76,184;
    --basalt-dark-element-color: 18,20,150;
    --basalt-alternate-color: 255,132,0;
    --basalt-positive-color: 24,163,20;
    --basalt-negative-color: 255,48,48;
    --basalt-cancel-color: var(--basalt-negative-color);
    --basalt-sub-text-color: 155,154,162;
    --basalt-light-text-color: var(--basalt-primary-color);
    --basalt-UI-dark-palette: var(--basalt-overtone);
    --basalt-focus-color: var(--basalt-undertone);
    --basalt-background-color: var(--basalt-primary-color);

Color variables are in RGB format.

:root {
    --header-font-primary: 'Lexend';
    --UI-font-primary: 'Jost';
    --body-font-primary: 'Inter';
    --mono-font-primary: 'JetBrains Mono';

The four font types used by Bedrock.

:root {
    --header-logo: url('');
    --header-title: 'SCP Foundation';
    --header-subtitle: 'SECURE - CONTAIN - PROTECT';
    --title-size: 1.5rem;
    --subtitle-size: 0.825rem;
    --base-font-size: 1rem;
    --main-content-width: 67.5rem;
    --side-bar-width: 19rem;

Note that due to a mechanic in CSS calc() function, any variables with length unit such as rem or px should not be discarded even when the value is set to 0, e.g. --subtitle-size: 0rem; makes the subtitle disappear but doesn't invalidate the calc() function.

--main-content-width should not be set with % unit. To have the main area take up full screen width, use an arbitrarily high rem value instead.


The source code of this theme can be found on our GitHub page.

Bedrock is currently not compatible with Common Theme.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License