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Name/Title: Dr. Theron Sherman, Site Director of Site-42

Known Aliases: Sherm, TheeSherm, thee sherbert, Sherman Sherman, The Sherminator, Sherman Tank, Sherman Hemsley, Sherwin Williams, Sherm the Worm, Shermy, P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney, Sherman Klump, "Where's Mr. Peabody, Sherman?"

Hire Date: ██/██/2015

Reason for Joining The Foundation: Honestly, I was just looking up monsters for a Dresden Files Tabletop Game that I was DMing (FATEcore, to be specific) when I found some cool monsters and joined the wiki for funsies. Then I just started using the SCPs as voice acting demos on YouTube because Creative Commons meant I wouldn't be sued. Then I saw people that were actually watching the videos and decided to start Site-42. THEN I got really hardcore and somehow wrote three four SCP articles12. And here you are on my Author Page. Go you. Welcome.

Research Focus: I have a two pronged thought process about my place in the community:

As an artist and emotional person, I wanted to make cool SCP stuff any way I could. Voiceover was my first route because acting was my easiest accessible skillset and I had a microphone on hand, then I made some video essays because I do some teaching and educating is a passion of mine, then I wrote some SCPs after I gained that confidence. Most of all, I wanted Site-42 to be a contributing part of the SCP Community rather than being on the outside looking in.

As a professional, I want to use my background in Theatre and Film to build a full-fledged, community funded production studio called Site-42 Studios. Our goal is to hire on actors, editors, tech crew, makeup artists, props makers, and use all these specialists to make the high-quality Live Action Adaptations of SCP Content that everybody wants to see. A big company like Netflix can’t own the SCP due to Creative Commons, so they won’t touch the license. It’s up to us as a fandom to coalesce and lift up our Content Creators so they can make the best stuff they can.

Who made the sweet art for this author page? That would be Yossipossi on CSS and smlt on the Site-42 logo.

Hey, isn't A Random Day/Dr. Desai the Director of Site-42? What? No. There is no canon. Shut up.

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