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What is this?

This is the YEEN PAGE a compilation of bad photoshops made by totallynotenbytotallynotenby (that's me) for 6kon. Although 6kon ended long ago I still wanted to post this because I worked really hard on all the photoshops and they are all CC compliant. One day I was sitting around reading 6kons and fooling around with some of the images and I made a hyena version of Tilda Moose. Then the next day I was making more and more photoshops (all CC compliant) and that's how this page was made! I was planning on making more photoshops but time got away from me so there are only eight. This is the first thing ever I am posting on the wiki so I hope it ain't too bad. LirynLiryn made all the CSS and helped me a bunch with this page so she is officially cool. Enjoy the Yeens!

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