The World Below
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NOTE: This is a continuation of A Great Palace Atop the World. It is highly recommended you read that prior to this.

An old flourescent light buzzed overhead as Dr. Amelia Zhang paced slowly behind her desk. The plaque on the front read "SCP-4320 Project Director" in bold, brass-like lettering. She still hadn't grown accustomed to the position.

"So it's a fairy tale."

The researcher sitting in front of her desk sighed. "We… think it's a creation myth. It could be more fact than fiction, but this is the first major text we've translated, so it's all we have about their detailed history. And until we can get more, this is all the information we'll get."

Zhang sighed. "Listen, Immanuel. Nearly a year ago, I was five feet away from a man who disappeared, and this fairy tale -" The researcher opened his mouth to say something, but Zhang interrupted. "- creation myth… is all you have to give me?"

"Yes, and we're working on getting more." Immanuel responded. "We've been trying to get in contact with as much of the SCP-4320-2 population as we can to see if there's any family stories that have been passed down, but as far as we know it's been thousands of years since this took place. We know something along these lines actually happened at some point. We just need to know if there was anything else, and if that was thousands of years ago, the information is gonna be muddled and hard to find."

Zhang sat down in her chair. "I suppose. Tell you what. I'd like to see the footage where you found the inscriptions that this came from."

"The footage." Immanuel was visibly confused. "Why would that be important? The inscription was the only thing we found."

"First of all, I'm the damn director of research on this. Second of all, how many people who've been on the damn rock have seen the footage?"

"…none, Director."

"Then I'd like to see it, please and thank you. Are we d-" She paused abruptly as there was a knock on the office door. "Come in."

The door slowly swung open as a junior researcher peeked their head in. "Hey, uh, Director Zhang? Yeah, there's something you need to see."

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