Carroll #055: The Workshop
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RAISA FILE: Group of Interest [DEFUNCT]
GOI-001: Chicago Spirit


Carroll 055: The Workshop

From The Desk of Richard Chappell

We're ditching the toy store.

As for Chester, leave him be. If he wants to wake up to burning crosses every night, we won't deny it from him. That business isn't gonna last with or without our help.


The front of The Workshop. The window was replaced a week ago after someone tossed a brick through it.

Where It Is

It's in the South End of Boston by 14th Street. There's a sign hanging overhead reading 'Dr. Wondertainment's World of Whimsy'. It looks like a little hole in the wall shop, but it's a lot bigger on the inside. It's owned by Chester Williams & Maria Herring.

Always come in through the back, especially during business hours. Don't let Herring see you.

Who Knows About It

Our competitors don't know about this one, but it's getting harder and harder to keep it down. It looks like The Spooks and the Foundation are starting to work together, so they're cracking down hard on us. Just treat the topic of The Workshop as you would any other Carroll or assignment; hush.

Of course, the two owners are aware of what we are using it for, but that's no issue. We have some terms established with them to ensure their cooperation. If either Chester or Herring squawk about what's going on here, we back out on the deal and let them handle the consequences.


Mr. Chester Williams. Total pushover. This and his working relationship with Herring has made him an easy target for the Klan.

How We Found It

Williams told us about it.

When he first approached us seeking protection, he didn't have enough to cough up. He pleaded and begged until he eventually told us about his secret extra space. DiNozzo checked it out, he said there was almost an area the size of a warehouse in that little place. Williams says he doesn't know how it happened but he's pretty sure Herring has something to do with it. He welcomed us to use it so long as we keep the Klan from turning the place inside-out.

Chappell checked it out next, said he wanted to see it for himself. He said it would be a great place to store all our booze, but what caught his attention were the toys. Williams was no ordinary tinkerer; he and his partner had a knack for making some extraordinary toys. Chappell struck a deal with him then and there; The Spirit would protect him and his business in exchange for custom made toys for the Secret Spirit and use of his 'extra' space. Everything was set to go smoothly.

But Herring was a problem.


Ms. Maria Herring. The bird looks and sounds real, but DiNozzo swears its made of wood.

To put it lightly, Herring wasn't happy with us or the deal. She was pretty quiet about it at first, but it didn't take long for her to speak up. We sent Burkes to drop off some supply and he came out with a pair of purple and gold fuzzy bracelets. The damn things didn't come off even after we took a saw to them.

What We Use It For

For now, it's where we're keeping the goods for our Boston customers. You can start a business in Chicago, but you'd be crazy to keep it there forever in its own little box.

We got a few tips that the market was dying out here, that they were walking around dry, so the demand is through the roof. Of course, you can't buy out a place and fill it full of booze without someone snitching on your first week. That's why we got Chester's place. We set up stock at the toy shop, we sniff out some desperate customers and give them a toy with a surprise inside. Before you know it The Spirit is going to be a household name in Massachusetts.

PREFACE: The following documents were recovered with the original document. Due to their associated subject matter, they have been included with this file.

From The Desk of Richard Chappell


I've gotten word from the boys in Boston that you've been keeping us out and away from our goods. We've gone ahead and let ourselves in as I'm sure you are already aware, but it was my understanding that we keep trouble off your doorstep in exchange for storage space. Are we not meeting the terms of our agreement? Are you unsatisfied with what we've done for you?

Needless to say, I'm confused as to why you would up your security without consulting us first. I thought we were partners. If you think differently, I can certainly reconsider our deal.

Mr. Chappell,

I assure you that is not the case at all. My business partner, Ms. Herring, insisted on the additional locks on the count of some recent thefts. It slipped my mind to inform your men. Please forgive me for this inconvenience; I have not forgotten our deal and I am thankful for your service.

I've left a key underneath the trash bin in the alley. Hopefully, this clears up any misunderstanding we may have had.

Kind Regards,

Chester W.

From The Desk of Richard Chappell


It has come to my attention that some of the boys have contracted a case of yellow and purple stripes. A lot of them are wailing that it won't come off and it's all over their body.

Would you happen to know anything about this?

Mr. Chappell,

My deepest apologies.

As I have already informed your men, it was a mishap with a toy Ms. Herring was working on. She's trying a new paint out, and it's a real devil to clean if it gets on you. It will go away on its own after some time.

By the way, Ms. Herring would appreciate it if your men would stop coming in through the front door. I don't like interfering, but it's scaring the customers, and we have kids in here a lot of the time.

Kind Regards,

Chester W.

From The Desk of Richard Chappell


By the time you receive this letter, you may have noticed that we've taken the liberty of helping ourselves to more toys than our agreed upon amount. This is to make up for the last few pranks Ms. Herring has pulled.

You may have also noticed a few more of those toys being stepped on and thrown into the street.

We've been nothing but good to you, Chester. It is costing me valuable men, those of which I could be putting to work in more productive ways, to keep your store intact and upright. I'm the only reason you haven't been dragged out of that place by the collar of your shirt and beaten in front of God and Massachusetts.

And I like you, Chester. Think about what happens when someone who doesn't like you makes it through that door.

Mr. Chappell,

I received your letter the other day. I write this having a better understanding of our working relationship. I'm sorry for the trouble I have caused both you and your men, and I am certainly thankful for what you have done for me.

My workshop is everything to me. I'd be lost without it. I want to give children a reason to laugh and smile, and I owe you so much for allowing me the opportunity to do it.

I'll be speaking with Maria today about her actions. I don't want any more confusion between us.

Kind Regards,

Chester W.

Dearest Mister Chappell,

We are oh so incredibly grateful for what you've done for our business. It is truly, bluely appreciated. However, we have decided to move the business in a different direction. Criminals are no longer welcome here, cloaked or not.

We've made a special series of toys just for you this Christmas: Dr. Wondertainment's Wackjob Whomper! Please accept it as our way of saying 'don't come back here ever again!'


Dr. Wondertainment

P.S. If any more paint gets on you, try using vinegar!

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