The Trashfire
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The Trashfire

The Stories

(in rough chronological order)

How To Clean A Polyester Dress

A novella about TERFs, foul living spaces, and doll-things.

Christ In Scarlet

Missing children, secret tunnels, and a nest of red tape: something wicked is happening in Whitewater, Mississippi.

Black and White and Red All Over

Neo-nazis are invading Outer Lichtenberg. It's up to the residents to fight back.

When Will You Die for the Last Time in my Dreams

The rise and fall of House of Spades, and the moments in-between.


The Trashfire primarily follows the fallout caused by the "Old Gods", and very specifically the four worshiped by the Daevite Empire:
  • The Verdant Mage, a vast and mindless entity of fire and poison.
  • The Scarlet King, the aquatic eunuch lord of violence and hierarchy.
  • The Violet Queen, a screeching horror associated with glittering corruption, ursurpation, and insects.
  • "That which makes holes in the shapes of worms", a vicious antimeme known through negative space.

The Daevites, and by extension the Old Gods, were opposed by the Imit, a culture of clay humanoids ingrained with knowledge of thaumaturgy by their former slavemasters, Homo sapiens decensus. What started as Daevite expansion into Imit territory turned into an existential battle that nearly exterminated the Imit, yet irreparably maimed the influence of the Old Gods on Earth.

Over time, the various factions of Earth picked up the war in the original belligerents' stead. Some did so deliberately; others never quite grasped the significance of their actions.

Nevertheless, all of this found its way into the modern world. Communities formed around the ossified bones of dead horrors, descendants of their brutality integrated into their neighbors, and all in all, life seemed to go on as absurdly and chaotically as it always felt.

Then the Foundation came in, and inadvertently ruined everything for everyone else.

The 'verse

Welcome to hell1!

If you're interested in writing for this canon:

  1. Try to read a bit of it! Not all, just enough to get a general idea.
  2. Check out the rest of the tabview if you need to fill in some of the blanks.
  3. Feel free to shoot the shit with UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire
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