The Tailor
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They don’t understand, darling. They can’t. They’re clouded, blinded by unrecognized jealousy and rage born from fear of what they do not know.

We’ll be safe here, my sweet. They won’t find us. They’ll never think to check and see if I doubled back. They’re too separated, too clouded by the layers between them and reality. If they could think like you do… Such pure cognition, each thought flitting from scrap to scrap. I can almost feel them pausing along your vertebrae before continuing on… If they were as free as you, they’d find me. They’d deserve to.

Hush dear. Here, let me hold you. I know you don’t like the damp. It eats at you my dear, and it'll be harder to repair you now that we're on the run. A few stray drips and you’ll mildew, and we mustn’t have that. What’s that? A moth? I’ll strike it down for you. I’ll be a knight in shining robes, billowing in the wind, protecting you from harm. That little dusty dragon won’t touch you darling. And I know you hate mothballs, and while I’m around, you shall have no need of them.

Here, let me get the light. I just want to look at you for a while. I’ll never get tired of you, pet. Your beauty, your grace… The way the light shimmers through your ribs, catching on pale resplendence of your breastbone. Hmm? I know, angel. You always felt that nylon looked cheap. I could see it in your frown when your mother brought you to the store. But we were out of time, and it worked so fast. You were all put together, quick as love. Well, before they could interrupt. And you’re so slim now! Free of all that confinement, open to the world as you should be.

A moment dear, I need to listen. Yes, yes, they are circling back. It appears I was mistaken about their powers of deduction. What an example I must be making for you… Though they seem to be providing a study in overreaction. Really, it’s like they think I did something wrong! You may not have been quite at the age of consent, but you were so sure of yourself. I’m certain if they’d give me the chance to explain, to speak with you, they’d be able to see reason.

I’m afraid we must go now, love. But don’t worry. I’ll tuck you into the backseat. With any luck, they’ll think you’re napping.

We’ll be fine, pet. Nothing can stop love. And you love me, don’t you? Of course you do.

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