The Summer King
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Item #: SCP-076

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The land around SCP-076-B is owned by the French government, which allows the Foundation to maintain an outpost for the purpose of studying SCP-076-B. Food and provisions to be provided to SCP-076-B, as well as materials for constructing shelter. Reasonable requests for materials and food are to be routed up to Foundation Europe Headquarters for approval. Researchers are encouraged to engage SCP-076-B in conversation to learn more about its origins. Limited discussion of current events has been permitted to encourage good behavior.

On the Winter Solstice, no fewer than twenty agents trained for Procedure 07-Frazer will be stationed around SCP-076-A with weaponry designed for the purpose of killing SCP-076-B. At sunset, the first agent will enter SCP-076-A and will attempt to kill SCP-076-B. If SCP-076-B kills that agent, the next will enter SCP-076-A. This will continue until SCP-076-B is killed.

In the event that Procedure 07-Frazer is unsuccessful, the Foundation will encourage client-nations to maintain a five year stockpile of food to minimize global famines.

Description: SCP-076-A is a 500-meter ring of sandstone and dolerite menhirs in northwestern Morbihan, France. Archaeological study suggests it was constructed between 4000 and 3500 BCE. In the center of the ring is a cask of soil 1.5 meters tall and 1 meter across. Seven to ten trees grow inside the circle at any given time. Observed species include oak, ash, hawthorn, apple, and holly. If the trees are removed, new trees rapidly grow during the solstices, growing to full size over the course of a day. Other than their origins and behavior during Procedure 07-Frazer, they display no unusual properties.

SCP-076-B is a human male with Northern European features. Records from previous custodians of the anomaly state that it has been there as long as the site has been watched. Interviews with the entity suggest that it is contemporary with the construction of the stone circle. SCP-076-B is normally resistant to physical injury, showing no damage after being subjected to gunfire, extreme heat, edged weaponry, or crushing force. Outside of Procedure 07-Frazer, it appears to feel no pain, though it can experience discomfort, as from cold or hunger. SCP-076-B is unable to leave the edge of SCP-076-A. As this makes containment easier and prevents interruption of Procedure 07-Frazer, this has not been extensively tested beyond ensuring that SCP-076-B is unable to leave under its own power.

Outside of Procedure 07-Frazer, SCP-076-B behaves in a genial, agreeable manner. It speaks numerous dialects of French, English, Latin, Greek, Gaulish, Breton, [DATA EXPUNGED], and several other ancient and modern languages (See SCP-140 and SCP-769). It does not need to eat but becomes distressed when it goes several days between meals.

SCP-076-B refuses to answer any direct questions regarding its origins or why Procedure 07-Frazer has the effects it does, though some information has been gathered from indirect statements (such as it having witnessed the construction of SCP-076-A). Discussion of the procedure disturbs the subject greatly. It refuses to engage in conversations that continue returning to these topics.

On the night of the Winter Solstice, all humans within SCP-076-A will feel compelled to leave the area approximately thirty minutes before sunset. Once the sun is below the horizon, SCP-076-B can be killed as outlined in Document 076-1: Procedure 07-Frazer.

During this time, any weapon that enters SCP-076-A will be duplicated by the trees inside the stone circle. For example, if the Participant carries a sword, an oak tree may produce a sword-shaped branch. If the participant is armed with a rifle, an ash tree may provide a rifle-shaped base, with mistletoe and other flora providing additional parts and shaping. SCP-076-B will then take the weapon. These objects will function as the weapon wielded by the participant, though they do not appear to have any physical mechanisms that would allow them to do so. Projectiles are made of thornwood and obsidian. When examined after Procedure 07-Frazer, the weapons are obviously unable to function except as clubs or spears; blades lack edges, while the barrels of firearms have no bore, being solid pieces of wood.

SCP-076-B will attempt to defend itself with lethal force. Once one participant is killed, another can then enter SCP-076-A, becoming the new participant. This will continue until either SCP-076-B is killed or the sun rises.

SCP-076-B is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and the use of most melee weapons. It is proficient in the use of several firearms, with its skill increasing rapidly throughout the course of the 20th century. It can be confused by unfamiliar weaponry but has shown a strong aptitude for adapting to new weapons.

When killed during Procedure 07-Frazer, SCP-076-B's body is absorbed by the soil. Within the next seven days, SCP-076-B's body will begin to manifest inside the cask of soil at the center of SCP-076-A. It remains quiescent until the summer solstice, at which point it emerges from the cask.

If SCP-076-B is not killed, severe changes to the global climate will occur. The exact methodology varies, but they always cause a cooling effect on the Northern Hemisphere. Records are somewhat unreliable, but the last time Procedure 07-Frazer failed was in 1882. This precipitated [DATA EXPUNGED], which did not return to normal until 1888.

Attempts to kill SCP-076-B through long range firearms or precision bombing have been attempted, but have produced no effect. After Foundation meteorologists detected a correlation between damage sustained by SCP-076-A from explosive ordnance and perturbations in global weather patterns (notably in 1951 and 1979), all such attempts have been cancelled.

Foundation strategy will focus on the use of highly-trained operatives and the use of weaponry designed to be more difficult for or unfamiliar to SCP-076-B. Examples include firearms with misaligned barrel, canes concealing blades, and unconventional trigger mechanisms. Agents prepared to act as participants will train extensively with these weapons so that they will not be at a disadvantage in using them. This strategy has reduced participant fatalities from ten per year in 1890 (when the Foundation took responsibility for Procedure 07-Frazer) to one every three years by 2010.

SCP-076 was previously held by a number of different organizations, including the Government of France, the Roman Catholic Church, a string of local nobility, and various Gaulish tribes. In 1890, the Foundation was given primary responsibility for containing the anomaly and enacting Procedure 07-Frazer.

Note: The Horizon Initiative undertakes containment of a similar entity contained in ██████████, Argentina. Foundation Intelligence reports that enacting the proper procedures "holds back the seas." As there is currently no data on the failure rate of these procedures, it is difficult to determine what this means. So far, all that is known is that this subject has the features of the indigenous people and is apparently cooperative. Attempts to gain further information from the Horizon Initiative have met with strong resistance.

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