The Skips we Miss
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A Warning

We all have a chance somewhere
To reign eternal or just be fools
In some corner of the skies
One house for you, one set of rules.

But not since the knocks.

In the dark they saw nothing at the door
For the skies were clouded by paint
By the time the people knew their fate
Their cries were dim and faint.

They were never cool.

The next door fell and with a cough
The bleeding king rose from his seat
But had stumbled barely to the door
When trampled under its feet.

Disease was never a virtue.

The metal scraped and chunks united
The homes and people mixed
But iron still makes a fantastic knife
By their own hand the mechanics were nixed.

The pieces were never found.

A flamethrower and an atom bomb
Right at the invaders head
But only the boys in blue and white
Were stained in a moment with red.

They only Destroy, Destroy, Destroyed themselves.

The readers and the freedom fighters
Saw nothing else to do
So they opened the door with a smile and a tear
Knowing at least their aim was true.

The library WAS a space for peaceful study.

Greed and rage were all that lived
In old Cal and Aaron's domain
When the skies fell and smashed on the floor
Even the Red Right Hand was slain.

There will be no vengeance, intermittent or otherwise.

Our minds in the void are all that's left,
Nothing left in our magical hats
The final hope of all that thinks
Is with you, the world of bureaucrats.

Are you the ones chosen to lead?

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