The Siege of Site-19
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Terry, I need to tell you about something. Get me the files.

Message Origin MALLARD.AIC
Message Target||91etis_lla_ffats,||lla_ecnaraelc_2level
Message Contents

A large group of non-civilians have come within 3 kilometers of Foundation Secure Site-19. Artificial intelligence has determined that this group is heavily armed with small arms weapons, explosive weapons, and paratechnical weapons. Seven distinct Groups of Interest have been identified, including 5 on the Capture-On-Sight List.

This has been determined to be a Class-ALPHA security threat, and thus all personnel with Level 2 clearance and above have been notified. If you believe this artificial intelligence has made a mistake, please contact||daia with a link to this report.

Great, the AIC shat itself again.

No, it didn't. I can quite clearly see the entire Site being surrounded by people who want to kill us.

I can't believe this happens after I send half of the on-site security home because of corona

Excerpt from #site19-command, 2020/09/13

KPC: So the bot's not lying?

~dirmoose: Nope

~dirmoose: jrdeneal What do we have?

&jrdeneal: My guys are taking inventory rn

&jrdeneal: No real conclusion yet, but we can speculate

~dirmoose: what do you mean?

&jrdeneal: They have guns, but we have enough field disruptors to the point where it shouldn't be an issue.

~dirmoose: Great, how are the personnel doing?

@dr_braive: everyone on my level is scared but theyre not panicking

&serioussam: I'm getting everyone I'm in charge of down to the bunkers. They're afraid, but they know we have field disruptors on our side.

@GeorgeKastos: Alright, High Command knows we're in trouble. Help is on the way to clean up the stragglers.

KPC: Do you guys think this is what Bowe was talking about?

rsrclater: Probably. I pick out CI and Cotbg guys in the crowd.

%ler: Aren't they supposed to hate eachother?

~dirmoose: Don't worry, this should be over by the end of the day.


Written by Dr. DeNeal

Opposing force inventory:

  • Approximately 5,000 Chaos Insurgency infantry.
  • At least 100 Chaos Insurgency tanks.
  • Approximately 800 Church of the Broken God soldiers, with mechanical augmentations.
  • Approximately 50 Church of the Broken God gearrenders1.
  • At least 500 Church of the Scarlet King alchemist-soldiers.
  • SCP-140-A, along with 70 instances of SCP-140-22.

Site-19 inventory:

  • 500 trained security personnel.
  • MTF Beta-2 ("Slapsticks"), MTF Yotta-5 ("Blaze of Glory"), MTF Charlie-5 ("Scrapmetal Spitters")
  • 4,000 assorted scientific personnel.
  • 1,000 auxillary personnel (cafeteria staff, janitorial staff, etc)
  • Seven on-site Boson Field Disruptors3.

I personally predict a victory. Please activate the Field Disruptors as soon as possible.


LOCATION: Secure Site-19, Field Disruptor Chamber

DATE AND TIME: 2020/09/13, 0700 hours

<Begin Log>

<Sergeant Engstrom, as well as Technician Frank, Technician Lee, and Technician McKinney, enter the chamber. They take their places by the control console for the Field Disruptors.>

Engstrom: Let's warm these bad boys up so we can give this Site one less thing to worry about. Begin ignition of the primary reactor.

<All three technicians simultaneously turn their reactor ignition keys. The nuclear reactor situated in the south corner of the chamber activates. Over the course of a minute, it begins to emit a yellow glow that illuminates the chamber.>

Engstrom: Reactor is at minimal power. Begin warm-up of disruption mechanism.

Frank: Sir?

<Technicians Lee and McKinney turn the dial that begins warming up the disruption mechanisms. Technician Frank opens the front of the Field Disruptor and investigates the inside.>

Frank: Sir, someone's tampered with the disruptors.

Engstrom: I'm sorry, what?

Frank: Someone's replaced some of the stuff inside. I think the little computer that's supposed to be inside here's been replaced with a rock.

Engstrom: How is it still operational, then? Shut it down, we'll need to fix it.

<Technician Frank deactivates the Field Disruptor.>

Frank: Beats me. I'm gonna take it out so the science guys can get a look at it.

Engstrom: Sounds— Lee! McKinney! Why aren't you shutting down the Disruptors!

<Technicians Lee and McKinney ignore Sergeant Engstrom.>

Engstrom: Have you gone deaf? Turn off the Disruptors! That is an order!

<Technician Lee takes out his service pistol and fires three shots at Sergeant Engstrom. The second one penetrates his skull, causing fatal brain damage. Before he perishes, Engstrom activates the breach alarm.>

<Several site security personnel flood into the chamber. The rogue technicians begin a firefight with the security force while the Field Disruptors activate. Both technicians are quickly terminated by the security force. The security force then attempts to stop the Field Disruptors; however, a coagulated, sap-like substance prevents them from opening the doors. As both Field Disruptors activate, an explosion consumes the chamber.>

<End Log>

Closing Statement: It is not known how Technicians Lee and McKinney managed to avoid detection as double agents for so long, nor how they qualified to be able to operate Field Disruptors. It is noted that Technician Lee appears identical to Service Technician ██████ prior to his incursion into E-093.


LOCATION: Outside of Site-19.

TIME: 2020/09/13, 0800 hours

FOREWORD: This video file was sent to the entirety of Site-19 after the destruction of the Site-19 Field Disruptors.

<Begin Log>

<The video begins facing a podium. Behind the podium, the siege forces can be seen surrounding Site-19. General George Bowe, wearing a military uniform, comes to the podium. He clears his throat before he begins speaking.>

Bowe: Good afternoon, Director Moose. First of all, congratulations on your promotion. You were always a bright researcher; it's not surprising to see you in such an esteemed position.

Bowe: Formalities aside, I'd like to make something excruciatingly clear. You are defenseless. Your Field Disruptors may be a marvel of modern science, but our forces have rendered them useless. Our Foundation Elimination Coalition has more soldiers than can possibly be contained in Site-19, as large as it is. You have the advantage of being entrenched; however, with our teleportation equipment, I suspect this will not be a sizable factor.

Bowe: We have cut off all modes of communication or travel to and from Site-19. We have one demand: the complete concession of Site-19 to the Foundation Elimination Coalition. All of its facilities and anomalies will belong to us. If this demand is not fulfilled in thirty minutes, we will attack Site-19.

Bowe: While I'm here, I'd like to elucidate one of our objectives. We would like to avoid casualties. It takes brains to be employed by the Foundation, and it would be a shame if all those brains were spilled onto the ground. In the next thirty minutes, any personnel who surrender themselves to our coalition will not be harmed. In fact, you will not be taken prisoner. We'll simply erase your memory and ensure you are returned to your family unharmed.

Bowe: Your thirty minute grace period starts now. Good luck.

<End Log>

Excerpt from #site19-command, 2020/09/13

&jrdeneal: Thirty of my guys just walked out after the video.

@GeorgeKastos: To be fair, it's a good deal.

&serioussam: Why can't I access scipnet anymore? I was connected to the satellite uplink.

@dr_braive: yknow the guys who took out the disruptors? a few more of em got into the satellite room too

KPC: fuck shit i dont want to die today

~dirmoose: I have a personal satellite uplink in my office. I'm still talking to High Command.

rsrclater: You rule, Moose

KPC: please please please give me some good news

~dirmoose: They're mobilizing MTF Alpha-9 ("New Hope") as fast as they can. They should be here in about 45 minutes.

~dirmoose: They're also waking up Hammer Down, and the GOC says they're mobilizing some of their guys. They're going to take way longer, though.

rsrclater: 45 minutes is still too late

%ler: Isn't Alpha-9 like, ten people?

&jrdeneal: dirmoose Are you really gonna make me tell my guys that help is 45 minutes away?

~dirmoose: ler Ten of the most cooperative anomalies we have in our possession, plus forty supporting operatives. They're the only people High Command could mobilize on such short notice.

~dirmoose: jrdeneal Don't tell them anything, I don't want people defecting.

KPC: dirmoose Why dont you just use your reality bending powers to blink these guys off the map?

~dirmoose: KPC I'm not a reality bender. That's a myth.

~dirmoose: We have the advantage of having big guns in a site full of tiny hallways. If we plant turrets on all of the important choke points we might last long enough for the military to get here.

~dirmoose: serioussam Get your guys on the roof with the anti-air guns. They're going to try to find a way up there, I guarantee it.

&serioussam: 10/4

~dirmoose: Everyone else, bunker yourselves down. We just need to last long enough for help to arrive.

What happened next, Sam?

General Bowe kept his word.


At this time, 0834 hours on September 13th, 2020, several breaches of Site-19's integrity have been noticed by automated systems. Notable breaches include:

  • ${UINT8_T_OVERFLOW} entities have entered through the front gate without authorization.
  • 234 entities have entered through the back gate without authorization.
  • 249 entities are inside of the Site-19 maintenance tunnels without Level 2/TECHNICIAN authorization.
  • 53 entities have appeared on the roof.
  • A large explosion has reduced the integrity of the south wall of the Evereds Building.

The current status of Site-19 is as follows:

  • Containment of Euclid-class anomalies is Not Compromised ●
  • Containment of Keter-class anomalies is Not Compromised ●
  • Containment of Safe-class anomalies is Not Compromised ●
  • Integrity of the upper-management offices is Compromised ●
  • Connection to the Foundation intranet is Offline ●


LOCATION: Site-19 Corridor 15F

DATE AND TIME: 2020/09/13, 0840 hours

<Begin Log>

<The camera is fixated on the south end of Corridor 15F, facing the north end. An unidentified member of the Site-19 Security Team is manning a mounted gun on that side of the hallway.>

<Two Chaos Insurgency infantrymen round the corner. The security fires the mounted gun, dispatching both infantrymen quickly. The security wipes his brow and mutters something under his breath.>

<Three minutes later, the wall that the camera faces collapses. A Mekhanite Gearrender emerges from the hole. The security fires upon the Gearrender, but the bullets appear to have no effect. The Gearrender fires a high-speed metal slug from a cannon mounted on its arm, killing the security personnel instantly.>

<Another Gearrender emerges from the hole, and they both continue down the hallway. However, a grenade manifests from nowhere and explodes on one of the Gearrenders, knocking them to the ground. A barrage of grenades continues to appear at high speed, assaulting the Gearrenders. Eventually, both Gearrenders' armor is destroyed.>

<From the point in space where the grenades emerged, SCP-2273 "climbs" out of empty space. It is heard muttering "good work, Iris" before proceeding down the hallway.>

<End Log>


<Begin Log>

O5-7: Greetings, General Bowe.

Bowe: Hold on, is this Dr. [EXPUNGED]? I never really saw you as O5 material, boy. Congrats on the promotion.

O5-7: I'd like to dispense with the pleasantries here, Bowe. I'd like for you to understand that our elite mobile task force, Alpha-9, has arrived at Site-19. I'd also like you to know that a joint-GOC/Foundation military force will arrive in about four hours. We demand that you cease hostilities against Site-19 or we cannot guarantee the survival of your forces.

Bowe: Four hours? That seems like a long time. It's been thirty minutes since we started and we already control the bottom two floors, not to mention the roof. Those were the hard parts, too; I think we'll all be eating lunch in the Site-19 cafeteria today.

O5-7: I think your confidence is overblown, Bowe. You're getting pretty lucky now, but I doubt your luck will continue for long.

Bowe: I'd suggest that you surrender, instead. History will not look kindly on the Foundation. This day will go down as a victory for humanity at large.

O5-7: Cut the crap, Bowe. You were a power-hungry dictator 37 years ago, and I don't think the state you've been in for that period of time would change that. What are you actually trying to achieve here?

Bowe: Maybe seeing the modern world changed me, overseer? Maybe I've just had a change of heart. Maybe I've decided that our anomalies should be used for the good of humanity, instead of for the enforcement of an idea that's slowly killing the Earth.


Bowe: This site will be mine again by noon. Reconsider your stance by then.

<End Log>


LOCATION: Dir. Moose's Office, Site-19

DATE AND TIME: 2020/09/13, 1121 hours

<Begin Log>

<The office is empty. On the desk, Dir. Moose's desktop can be seen open on a communication channel with High Command.>

<Dir. Moose runs into the room, obviously exhausted from the day's events. She uses her reality bending abilities to create a steel airlock in front of the door. She sits in her chair and begins typing a message to High Command. Before she can finish, she sees something in the closet and attempts to use her reality bending abilities to subdue it. However, she suddenly goes unconscious, slumping in her chair.>

<General Bowe, followed by SCP-140-A, exit the closet. They examine the unconscious body of Dir. Moose.>

Bowe: Did you stop her brain?

SCP-140-A: Yeah. Was I not supposed to do that? She would've turned us inside-out, you know.

Bowe: Can you just keep her comatose?

SCP-140-A: That's easy enough.

<SCP-140-A puts its hand on Dir. Moose's forehead. Red light emits from its eyes. Dir. Moose resumes breathing.>

SCP-140-A: Any particular reason why we need her?

Bowe: There are two people in this building that have Foundation Level-5 Clearance. One is Dr. Kain Pathos Crow, who seems to have somehow escaped. The other is slumped in front of us.

SCP-140-A: Ah. So you're trying to—

Bowe: Yes, I'm trying the plan. The Coalition has captured the largest Foundation site in the world. However, the Foundation is currently mobilizing forces to take it back. Don't get me wrong, Tibon, our army is certainly powerful. However, we can't hope to hold this Site against the full might of the Foundation.


Bowe: Control her thumb for me. I think it's time for us to go big or go home.

<End Log>

Sorry, Terry. This file is hard to find. They locked these up on purpose.



The Foundation never started as a containment organization. It grew and changed from its beginnings, adopting new ideas and dropping old ones. Eventually, it decided to contain, and eventually, it decided to experiment again. However, there was one key detail that the Foundation never lost. It's the idea that the Foundation was always necessary. That the Foundation was the one thing standing between humanity and the end of the world.

What are you trying to say?

The "P" in SCP stands for "Protect". Once you know that, you can control Site-19.


PRESENT: O5 Council (except for O5-5 and O5-10), Site Director's Executive Committee of the Whole, RAISA Dir. Maria Jones, General Bowe, Highest Priest Robert Bumaro, Master John Yttoric, SCP-140-A

<Begin Log>

O5-1: You requested an audience with us, Bowe? You're not in any position to negotiate.

Bowe: Oh, I am negotiating. In addition, our demands have changed.

O5-1: Alright, then. What are your new demands?

Yttoric: We demand to expel your foulness from this institution!

O5-6: I'm sorry?

Bowe: You'll have to excuse Yttoric. Our demands are as follows: the recognition that the Foundation Elimination Coalition owns Site-19, and the cessation of hostilities against Site-19

O5-13: Hold on a minute. Are you out of your mind?

Dir. Smith: You're not walking away from this with your head, let alone the largest Foundation site in the Western hemisphere.

Bowe: Oh, but we will. Otherwise, we'll destroy it. I'm standing in Director Moose's office, which gives me full control over the site's containment systems. Any anomaly you have here, can be released into the world at large.

O5-2: That's not the kind of leverage you think it is. Letting everything in Site-19 loose would be a pain in the ass, but we could manage it. It's not like all of our most dangerous anomalies are all in one site.

Bowe: Let's see about that.

<Bowe presses a few keys on the keyboard.>

Bowe: That just disabled the containment measures for SCP-953. My men are escorting it outside. I recall having a hard time keeping that one in its box.

<Footage is broadcast from the front of Site-19. Two Chaos Insurgency infantrymen escort SCP-953 outside. It transforms into a winged fox and flies in the direction of the nearest civilian population center.>

O5-3: Director Jones, you're here, right? Could you revoke Moose's Level 5 clearance, please? That should take away his power.

Bowe: Not a good choice, I'm afraid. You see, the Maxwellists have helped us set up a "dead man's switch" mechanism. If this computer is suddenly unable to access the containment systems, it instead triggers not only the on-site nuclear warhead, but the nuclear warheads of every site Moose's clearance works for. Her influence doesn't go as far as I'd hoped, but I can still take out Site-17 and Site-20 from here. You're still keeping SCP-1790 there, right?

O5-7: I'm calling your bluff, Bowe. You've worked hard enough to take Site-19; you're not crazy enough to blow it all up.

Bowe: On the contrary, I'd just become a martyr. Every man here came here with the expectation to die. You think we'd bring our entire army in one incursion? My death will serve as an inspiration to the anomalous community. I'd start a revolution to bring about my goals; that's greater than any army.


O5-1: Gentlemen, we have to discuss this.

Bowe: You have five minutes before I release another anomaly.

<Bowe and his associates are removed from the meeting.>

O5-7: I still think he's bullshitting us. "Martyr" my ass. I knew him personally; he's as much of an egomaniac as he is a coward.

Dir. Gerald: As the guy dealing with the 953 breach, I don't think he's bullshitting.

O5-2: We need to give him something. He's genuinely insane; it's not like he won't do it.

O5-11: We're not giving him Site-19. We might as well just hand over the keys to the entire Foundation.

O5-9: I have an idea, if you want to hear it.

O5-12: Go for it.

O5-9: We give him Site-19. He's pretty entrenched there, anyways. It would take months to get him out of there. But then we build a big wall around Site-19. We prevent anyone from leaving, and cut off Bowe's access to the outside world. We can make sure his influence never goes beyond the site.

O5-12: That's the worst idea I've ever heard.

O5-1: I'm for it. We can figure out a more permanent solution later.

O5-4: Let's vote.

<The Overseer Council vote commences. O5-9's proposal wins with an 7-4-2 majority.>

<Bowe and associates are added back to the video conference.>

Bowe: Well?

O5-1: We will acquiesce to your demands, Bowe. Congratulations on acquiring Site-19.

<End Log>


Due to circumstances not under our control, the leadership structure of Secure Site-19 has undergone change. Leadership has been transferred to the Bowe Council, lead by General George Bowe. As per the agreement signed with the Bowe Council, all Foundation personnel at Site-19 have been released. Reassignment details are forthcoming.

Please continue your work as per usual. Nothing else is expected to change.

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