The Sideways Mountain
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of a man
reaching out
to me; I cannot
deny them, music
to my ears, like the
Piper's song I walked
to with the other children.
It's hard to think of mountains
going upward when you've lived
so long with them sideways. An oar
paddling on the upside-down lake. I am
sorry for my kin, they are but bones now in a church's
garden. They are watered with their own tears so
the single rose a bishop lays there grows. Life
is strange now. I feel lost in the neon signs
and the upwards mountains. I think I've
made my choice. There is no place for
me here, Earth is not my home. Men
are not my brothers. I am going to
live where the tune of his pipe
brought me, and I will kiss
the world that once had
the cottage I lived in
goodbye. I will live
out my days

-found on a piece of parchment at the bottom of a small hill in Lower Saxon, Germany by local Agents.

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