The Serpent Gambit
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☦The Ouroboros (SCP-1203) resets the world.☦

December 21st, 2090
Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, Teotihuacan, Mexico

The rats had long been multiplying, and Teotihuacan had become victim to the instability.

We were all running, the meaty ground sputtering and bleeding beneath our feet. Our convoy had been overrun before we could make the turn into the temple compound, and the group had been on foot for six minutes. We ran against a current of red mist.

The Temple of the Quetzalcoatl was a dull pink and purple bump in the distance, and the stars were blackened by the twisting streams of blood. The silhouettes of giant, bulbous masses crawled across the Pyramid of the Sun across the north river, and hoards of things pulsated beneath them.

The Ouroboros was sedated, carried by four of our men in her body bag like pallbearers over the slithering earth. Two of their Agents stopped to help another who had been disabled by a crawling stretch of intestine. They were not a priority, and we continued on.

This operation was one of seven running concurrently. The Ouroboros recently became unclassified to select members of the Serpent’s Hand and myself. Relations between us have always been hostile, but necessity of our cooperation was too great. Only the Archivists had the information necessary to ensure the proper ritual at the Temple summit.

Once completed, the world would reset to a time before it went to hell. In this case, 2012.

We could hear our pursuers’ dogs barking in the distance, and we could tell the Ouroboros was beginning to contract. The two imperiled Foundation Agents were yards off in the distance now, and one had been sucked into the womb of the earth. We heard a gunshot. The other had been executed by the Madmen.

We made our way to the uneasy footing of the temple rise. I stood with the guards at the foot of the rise while the Archivists and the couriers made their way up to the platform with the Ouroboros. We stood with our weapons readied as the ground birthed headless men with sputtering necks. They ran into our fire stupidly, fell easily, but they began to come in swarms.

The Madmen screamed wildly in the distance.

Soon we were overrun. My friend was absorbed into one of the chest of a fleshman. I was to become a victim soon. I was grappled to the ground as the blood from its hanging esophagus sputtered over my face.

I heard the Archivists screaming on the roof of the temple platform. I could feel the pressure of the golem veins as they bonded with my own.

Before my exsanguination, I heard the Great Serpent’s roar.

December 21st, 2012

Transcript of 1203-█: 12/21/2012

Documentation: Excerpt from Interview with SCP-1203.
Translated Revision

Dr. ███████: We would like to ask you a few questions, are you capable of speech?

SCP-1203: I can’t believe they did it.

Dr. ███████: Excuse me?

SCP-1203-: They brought the knife down on themselves.

Dr. ███████: I am not sure what you are referring to.

SCP-1203: The ritual. I can still hear you screaming.

Dr. ███████: Please make yourself clear.

SCP-1203: You were there, but it cannot be evinced.

Dr. ███████: Continue.

SCP-1203: I could not control my reaction. I’m sorry. Everything was consumed.

Dr. ███████: Please clarify.

SCP-1203: Please do not attempt this again. It is unpleasant for me. The pains of this kind of birth are unbearable.

Dr. ███████: Please continue.

SCP-1203: The world is as it was despite what you’ve done. Time has not changed. It can’t be.

Dr. ███████: What exactly are you saying? What exactly have “we” done?

SCP-1203: You have done nothing. You are newborn.

<Interview Concluded>

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