The Serpent And The Jailor

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The Serpent and the Jailor
A tale as old as I
Forever in a war of failure
For a reason none could deny

The Serpent had its sanctum
The Jailor cried "unfair!"
For entry was forbidden
Something the Jailor couldn't bear

So the Jailor poked and prodded
For any Way they could find
But the Serpent sat and waited
For it had them in its bind

Ah, a traitor of the Serpent
A lass, the name of Moose
That day the skies did darken
For the Serpent, she tied a noose

Versed in the ways of magic
A mancer of the Ways
With a tale oh so tragic
Hell this lass would raise

Now a ruler for the Jailors
Teacher of ones dubbed Sigma Three
The traitor begged for power
And won't be sated 'til we're unfree

The month it was December
Locks the Jailors broke
Leaving behind but ember
The Librarians they awoke

The Coward's cries did thunder
As the Librarians attack
The intruders torn asunder
To their prison, they scurry back

And so the Serpent kept its sanctum
The Jailor kept its hell
Moose, we shall not thank them
But we bid them a farewell

With thanks to Luxaiki, fairydoctor, and Valdevia.

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