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Hello and welcome to the

Scip Squad Pod. . . cast!

Where we don't care about what you write, we care about what you love.

On The SSP, SCP authors and artists, tstaffor and Luxaiko chat with folks from all around the SCP community. The catch? It's never about their own work.

Guests will come on to talk about their 5 favorite scips, the first article they ever read along with their thoughts on it looking back now, and even non-SCP hobbies or interests.


A Planet Entirely Made out of Stone

A new saga has begun! This week tstaffor and Luxaiko chat about their favorite SCP and how they each came across the site.

tstaffor's work:

Luxaiko's work:
and Twitter:

The intro/outro music is You and Me, written by djkaktus and performed by Oboebandgeek99

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