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Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin

By most accounts, Sloth's Pit is one of the weirdest places in the continental United States, but you won't find anything as mundane as a mystery house or a gravity hill here. Instead, we have apple orchards planted by John Chapman himself, where cider flows instead of sap. Every house is haunted, and ghost tours are available, provided by the Sloth's Pit Historical Society and the City Council. Camping equipment is always available to rent, should one be brave enough to venture out and spend a night in the woods, under the cover of starlight and looming trees.

- Sloth's Pit Tourist Guide, 2016 edition.


Sloth's Pit looks like the average midwestern town. It has a downtown centered at the corner of Main St. and Francis Ave. It has a library, a courthouse, a selection of local restaurants that are each more horrid than the last, a local history museum, and both the Catholic and secular high schools, located across the street at the western end of Main. The further you go out from Main Street, you'll find more residential areas, parks, various fast food joints, St. Francis de Sales Hospital, and the Recreational Morgue, amongst other things. Further still, you'll find undeveloped land— the woods surrounding Sloth's Pit.

But Sloth's Pit is anything but average. Located in the backmost part of Douglas County in Wisconsin, it is one of over thirty Nexuses in the United States of America, and the third most-active, behind Roadkill County, Oregon and Daleport. It is a hotbed of anomalous activity that has had the Foundation's attention since at least the 1970s.

The reason for this becomes clear if you spend even a single day in the city. News broadcasts over the radio always seem to be relevant to one's conversation, the weather is exactly what it should be for every day of the year, and although conflict rises on occasion, it always is resolved in an oddly satisfying manner.

Every Nexus has a theme; Sloth's Pit's theme can be quantified as 'Narrative'. Everything that happens in the city happens along the lines of tropes, motifs, and concepts found in western media, from major spikes in anomalous activity on Christmas and Halloween, to recurring anomalies acting as 'running gags' for the populace, to a first kiss at P.R.O.M. being powerful enough to defeat a monster.

The Narrative is a powerful force in Sloth's Pit. And naturally, the Foundation has been studying it for years.

Stories in the Canon

S & C Plastics can be roughly divided up into a number of seasons, based on both the style of the tales and the chronology. As a rough rule, anything set before 2012 will be Season 0. More seasons may be added based on any new content written.


Before 1976, the Foundation didn't have a hand in the containment of Sloth's Pit… or did they? Due to bureaucratic miscommunication, the containment zone for SCP-097, which was contained in 1969, and Site-87 did not know about each other until the neutralization of SCP-097 in 2017. The Foundation may have had other assets in Sloth's Pit before then; alternatively, stories from this era can focus on the townsfolk and individuals who are living somewhat normal lives in Sloth's Pit, before the Foundation discovered it.

Even after the Foundation contained Sloth's Pit, there were growing pains. They didn't fully comprehend how the city worked; even today, they're still not sure on the exact mechanics. Sloth's Pit has Secrets, some of which are buried here, in the past.

Last Days At Camp

By Ihp

A look into the last days of Camp Krakkow, before the massacre that would put Sloth's Pit on the map for the Foundation.

The Great Site-87 Bakesale

By Ihp

In the 1990s, Site-87 faced a financial crisis: creatures that could literally eat wealth attacked the Site's pocketbooks. Their solution came from the most unlikely place: a man named Francis Wojciechoski, better known throughout the Foundation for his ukelele skills…


By Djoric

A pair of researchers discuss what they would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Multi-U 101

By Djoric

The Department of Multi-Universal Affairs is headquartered at Site-87. The orientations for it can get interesting, due to the fact that the head of Multi-U can be a bit of a jackass.


By Djoric

An average day at Site-87. Bets are made, Multi-Universal negotiations break down, and people contemplate their life outside the Site.


By stormbreath

One of the first SCPs contained by the Foundation has been neutralized. Its remains are interred at Site-87. Pity SCP-001.

Writing Guide

After all that, you may be asking…

What is S & C Plastics Actually About?

It is about a town in Wisconsin called Sloth's Pit, where normality doesn't mean a damn thing.

It is about a Foundation Site run by people who are realizing that the world may not need them to protect it.

It is about the people at Site-87 who have, somehow, broken free of the Foundation's ability to grind individuality, decency, humanity, and common sense into nothingness.

It is about the nature of stories and the things that they build and destroy.

It is about what would happen if the Foundation realized that the walls that they built might need to come down, sooner rather than later.

With that in mind, you can write a variety of stories in S & C Plastics. Romances, coming-of-age stories, horror stories, absurdist stories, stories that just lead up to one godawful pun… all of these exist in the canon already.

This canon has been a work that has been over a decade in the making. Everyone who has written for this has brought something new to the table and influenced the direction of this strange, small town. Hopefully you can stop and stay for just a little bit.

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