The Reassembled One
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The Reassembled One, Master of the Church of the Broken God, Son of MEKHANE,1 KTE-7317-Ford Black


Revered as the Son of MEKHANE, Qabil was an important figure during the War of the Flesh2 in the late Bronze Age. Although he died in battle once, he was later reassembled as a divine miracle of MEKHANE. Reassembled and augmented, Qabil was tasked to reassemble MEKHANE and triumph over the Flesh.

Since the end of the Bronze Age, Qabil secluded himself from the world. In recent times, he is awakened to a world that has forgotten MEKHANE. Despite that, Qabil seeks to complete his mission and prepare for the Day of Reassembly.3 To that end, alongside the thirteen-member Apostle Overwatch, they founded the latest incarnation of the Devout: The Church of the Broken God.4


Traits: Qabil's appearance is that of a male human in his earlier thirties, standing at about 1.8 m tall and weighing about 80 kg. His limbs and spinal cord are replaced with bronze implants, grafted onto him during his reassembly. Engraved onto his forehead is the Design, a Piece of MEKHANE which contains an outline of MEKHANE's completed Form.

Qabil has received an augmentation from MEKHANE that reflects any attacks directed towards him against his attacker, safeguarding him against the many agencies of the Flesh. In addition, Qabil gains pyrokinetic ability that allows him to manifest fire around him.

Qabil also possesses a photographic memory, storing all canon knowledge regarding MEKHANE and the Flesh. He is regarded among the Devout as a source of knowledge and is the author of the Devout's Holy Writs.

Nature: Qabil is known for his introverted disposition. He shuns the company of his fellows despite his influential role amongst the Devout, so management of everyday operations is left to the Apostle Overwatch. His only true priority is to reassemble MEKHANE, often relying on the Devout to retrieve His Pieces. Thus, he devotes all his time to reassemble MEKHANE.

History & Associated Parties: According to the Book of Designs, Qabil was the firstborn child to Hawwa, who was impregnated by lightning.5 In his youth, Qabil was initiated into the cult of MEKHANE. Skilled in blacksmithing, he grew to become a talented metalsmith.

During the War of the Flesh, Qabil was among the many defenders to rally against the Flesh. Famously, he fought a duel with his half-brother, Habil the Betrayer.6 Although the duel ended in Habil's death, Qabil was mortally wounded and he too died not long after.

Many mourned and wept at the passing of Qabil, but MEKHANE performed His miracle on the remnants of Qabil. The sky was cast in His tears and lightning struck upon Qabil's Broken body. Branded with His Design, Qabil was made Whole and arose. At the sight of the reassembled Qabil praising MEKHANE, he would be hailed as The Reassembled One. After that battle, Qabil was renowned as the founder of many cities, as described in Bronze 15:5-7.7

At the end of the Bronze Age, Qabil secluded himself to recover from injuries and fell into deep slumber. He was awakened in the 20th century, where he roamed the land in search of modern successors to the Devout… only to find none initially. He took it upon himself to gather new followers to reassemble the Broken God, eventually founding the Church of the Broken God.

Currently, Qabil leads this new incarnation of the Devout, and utilises the Design and his many followers to locate and secure the Pieces of MEKHANE. Under Qabil's leadership, the Devout strengthens day by day8 and prepares for the Day of Reassembly.

Approach: Due to multiple attempts of assassination by the Bookburners, Qabil is currently secured in the Seventeenth Forge, and protected by the Devout. High levels of security have deterred attempts to intrude the Seventeenth Forge, protecting Qabil from enemies and ensuring no hindrance to his mission.

Due to Qabil's presence and mission, only Class 4 and above members of the Devout are allowed entry to the Seventeenth Forge. If any other individual wishes to seek an audience with Qabil, they must obtain approval from a member of the Apostle Overwatch.

While these measures appear to be a reaction against Qabil's enemies, he is essentially under house arrest. We do not know if that is truly Qabil's wishes or the Apostle Overwatch's. ~ L.S.

Observations & Stories

Within the canon of the Devout, Qabil is the central figure in the Gospel of Hephaestus. Members of the Devout universally revere Qabil as a saviour, believed to be key to the reassembly of MEKHANE. It is believed by the Devout that they will be rewarded for the reassembly of MEKHANE on the Day of Reassembly, and become united with Him.9

The Threat Entity Database of the Bookburners consider Qabil and the Devout as a Severe Threat, probably due to their influence on many devotees worldwide and the Bookburners' fear that they be judged for their many crimes in the world to come. In addition, it is treated as a Demi-divinity, perhaps in acknowledgement to Qabil's divine origins. Even so, it appears that the Bookburners have the boldness to dare challenge those that they know are righteously on the side of (the Broken) God.10

The Testimonial of Maxwell is highly critical of Qabil, condemning him of limiting WAN11 as a physical entity. Maxwell writes Qabil as a deceiver whose possession of the Design is false and illogical. He reasons that WAN's Reassembly cannot rest upon the shoulders of one entity, when it should rest on all followers and believers of WAN.

The Revised Record of Theological History takes note of the etymological similarities between Qabil and the Arabic translation for 'Cain', and repudiates the Devout's stance that the supposed first murder is divinely justified.12 Instead, the Revised Record holds that the Devout are a death cult glorifying murder and manslaughter, centred on the worship of the Biblical Cain and the disembodied corpse of Abel that he slew and misappropriated as an object of worship.13 This claim is bolstered by the Devout's use of violence to resolve conflicts such as the Scrapping of the Maxwellists14 or Moscow Standardisation Crisis.15


It is speculated that Qabil himself had warped the Devout to suit his interests, whatever it may be. Proponents of this allegation highlight Qabil's authorship of the Holy Writs, along with Broken God dogma positioning him as a messianic figure and a component of MEKHANE.

Another speculation among Hand members is that the Apostle Overwatch had imprisoned Qabil. Since relocation to the Seventeenth Forge, Qabil has not made a public appearance and security prevented outsiders from entering the Seventeenth Forge. Qabil's current status cannot be confirmed, though the Devout consistently stress that Qabil is working to rebuild MEKHANE and call for followers to send in any relic that could be a Piece of MEKHANE.

Intentions do not matter, what matters to all of us here is that the masquerade imposed by the Bookburners will be broken once MEKHANE is reassembled. Let the Devout rebuild MEKHANE, as they should. ~ C.O.G.

I beg to differ. The broken masquerade is meaningless if it only creates a prison in its place. The Devout appears to be hoarding all the world's mysteries to achieve their objectives, which contradicts the principles in which we stand for. Is the Broken God truly worth the price? ~ L.S.

Hey, no one really mentioned it here… But don't anyone think that the Devout's actions here are Jailor-ish? And speaking of the Jailors, where are they in all this? ~ V.I VI

I come from a world where the Jailors don't exist. My roommate's alternate universe counterparts are consistently Jailors, but not in my universe's case. ~ A.C.

V. I. VI, are you accusing the Devout of being Jailors? Perhaps you think of their actions to be akin to imprisonment, but they live among many foes such as the Bookburners. The Pieces are one-of-a-kind, and the destruction of any would cost the Devout's mission dearly. Securing and protecting the Pieces are of grave importance. ~ C.O.G.

Conspiracy theorist much. Hate to spell it out for the smart ones browsing by, but there are similarities. And C.O.G., you are just a word beginning with the letter "C" away from the Jailor's famous motto. Let me see… secure the Pieces, contain them in the Forges, protect them from Bookburners. How about that? ~ L.S.

Everyone, let us not start accusing one another to be closet Jailors, Bookburners or Madmen. Disunity will break us apart, as per the Parable of the Three Arrows. We have enough of this nonsense since Sigma-3. — Jaya M.

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