The radical works of Marcelles D. Raynes
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Hello, welcome to the radical works of Marcelles D. Raynes. I'm your host, Marcelles D. Raynes!
Here you will find a collection of various art pieces I have created in my free time. Please feel free to enjoy them at your leisure.

Some of these might become future SCPs, some might just be here to be here, I'll try to keep an updated list as this page grows during my time on the wiki.

That being said, if there is anything here that you would like to use in your article (if I or someone else hasn't used it first that is), please feel free to contact me! I have no issue with sharing these projects and love collaborations!

Also also, I am not currently making art for anyone specifically. I don't really feel that confident in my ability to meet the expectations of others, plus there's a lot of stress and anxiety in making things for people I just can't handle at the moment. Sorry!

But all that in mind, please enjoy the gallery!






Click this one! It spins!


My idea of a Way

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