The Radd Zone

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who is this?? how did they get in here

Name: ██████ ███████████████████ █ Raddagher

Object Class: silly

Special Containment Procedures: u cant

Clearance: Yes

Occupation: So many of them1

Description: h

SCP-7898: W is for Walls
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Phase 2: The instance will break through the drywall from within, grab the head of the host, and use a sharp appendage to implant an egg in the host's ear.

SCP-7320: Serendipity [7000 Contest Entry]
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The favorable events caused by these items are easily misconstrued as coincidence or confirmation bias, but specialized equipment confirms that the increase in “good fortune” is in fact quantifiable.

SCP-5320: The People's Church of the Fish That Just Goes On Forever
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SCP-5320 can be formally referred to as The Fish That Just Goes On Forever, Our Merciful and Long Lord, or Its Glorious Infinitude, Hail Its Everlasting Fish Body.

SCP-5132: The Kids Aren't Alright
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Okay, Rosie, if you had to rate your loyalty to the Foundation on a scale of one to five, where do you think that would be?

SCP-5732: And I'm Thinking of What Sarah Said
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What if I look really sick? Really sick like this? Ohh, I’m dying and I need a projector to watch Spiderman 2 for the 800th time or my dead body will be SUPER anomalous…

SCP-6320: The Least Dangerous Extradimensional Rift
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The Foundation wouldn't have a staff shortage in the first place if we put more effort into the safety of our personnel. We do what we do for the safety of humanity. You forget our people are human.

SCP-6326: The Manbear
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Colloquially known by locals as the "Manbear," SCP-6326 is often described as having a centaur-like build, with the upper torso, front legs and head of a bear attached to the shoulders of a white male human body.

SCP-6322: Special Delivery
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I'm becoming increasingly certain that every last one of these poor fucks is going to die.

SCP-6432: Eye Eater
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Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 (“White Rabbits”) was assigned to investigate but failed to return the anomaly


SCP-32-J: The Criminal
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On June 5, 2022, approximately 71% of Site-129 staff were reported or discovered comatose after posting SCP-32-J on Twitter.

SCP-6K-J: Out of the Mouths of Babes
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SCP-6k-J was initially studied and contained by MTF Tau-4's ("A Real Life Preschool Class").

Find Us Alive

Find Us Alive is a monthly original audio fiction podcast following the misadventures of Site-107, the Foundation site lost inside SCP-6320.2

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