The Pair Of Duck S File

Name: Dr. ████ Arias

Codename: Formerly Dr. Paradox, due to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Often jokingly referred to as "Pair of Ducks" as a play on word on his current state and former Codename.

Security Clearance Level: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Facility Location: Formerly working at various sites, however due to an incident with SCP-914 [DATA EXPUNGED].

History:  [DATA EXPUNGED], before the [REDACTED] incident was paired to work with Psychological specialist Dr. Glass. [DATA EXPUNGED], but could not be terminated as SCP-███ [DATA EXPUNGED].  Is to be transported between Site-17 and ████████ as needed, but is to be heavily guarded during this time.  Any attempts to escape should be cause for immediate termination.

Drs. Ducks has written reports on the following SCP;

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