The Old Wiki

Our old home, the orignial SCP Wiki at, has been deleted. At first I thought someone had hacked the site, gotten the Admin password, and deleted it as a form of vandalism. However, it seems numerous wiki's at are are being deleted all together and their Admins are not happy about that. You can see the original site here:

We dodged a bullet coming here when we did. Not only has the site evolved by leaps and bounds, but I have to thank the community for the massive amount of work that's gone into molding the Foundation into what it is today. A lot of progress has been made in just 6 weeks. Imagine where we'll be in 6 months.

A little bit of statistics for everyone. In just the last month, the site has been visited by over 8,000 unique visitors. And those people have viewed more than a quarter of a million pages here.

-'The Administrator'

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