The Next Best Thing
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We sit on the bed. It's a simple iron frame and a comfortable mattress.
The room is quiet.
They see nothing unusual on the CCTV.
I run my hand down his face.
It's going to be okay, Blake. I'm here. I'm always here.
Nobody else is going to treat you like I do.
I'll always be here. Don't worry about them.
He lays on my lap. A single tear runs down his face. He stares at my face.

You're such a piece of shit. I hate you.
His hand reaches and lays on my chest. I smile.
I know. Jackass.
I reach down and kiss his neck. He sighs.
What would I do without you, Blake? I think I'd be dead.
I can see he's torn. I know this is right. He thinks this is wrong.

I… I have shit to do. I can't be late again.
Make an excuse. I don't get to see you enough. I'm stuck in here all the damn time.
I know, but-
No buts. If you really cared about me, you'd stay.
He falls silent, clinging to my side.
We sit there for a moment.
I'm aware of what I'm saying, of course.
But it doesn't stop me. I know what I must do.
It's for their benefit, really. They just can't see it. They won't, or can't.
He'll make the right decision. I know he will.
I'll… I'll find an excuse.
Good. I knew you'd make the right decision. I love you, Blake. You're… really good to me. And it's a better time than the dangerous SCPs, right?
A short chuckle escapes him.
My hand reaches down to caress his side, and to search his pockets.
I s'pose.
Besides. It's not like you have anyone else.
He coughs. Looks left, then right, glancing at the control panel window.
Wait. What time is it? A-ah, fuck… I really, REALLY gotta go, just… I'm sorry, please don't-
It's fine. Truly. Go ahead and do what you must do. I'll be stuck in here by myself. Thanks for that.

I'll see you later.
I- I hav-
I said, I'll see you later.

…goodbye, Lilly.

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