The Man In The White Suit Hub

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The Man in the White Suit Hub

"Cyclops, you asked my noble name, and I will tell it; but do you give the stranger's gift, just as you promised. My name is Nobody. Nobody I am called by mother, father, and by all my comrades."



Current Objective: Avoid the Man in the White Suit, comb through the Nobody Archives to figure out his deal (and Nobody's while I'm at it). Assemble the Name Machine.

Entities of Note: Myself (past Nobodies), White Suit

Concerning Patterns:

  1. He knows me almost as well as I know myself. He is the only person to consistently track my location and my contacts. How? Why?
  2. Being nonexistent means I can get anywhere. It also means nobody has any clue who the fuck I am, or how to help me. Double-edged sword.

Activity Since Previous Entry:

  • Broke into Anderson High-Rise for missing part, got New Portland Airwing, Foundation FRFTS, and White Suit on my ass
  • Lost White Suit in the Xyflex Parade, made my escape in a jacked hovercar
  • Met with Foundation contact for Site-30 security guard rotation schedule over waffles
  • Infiltrated Site-30 under usual disguise (they never expect the janitors)
  • Accessed SCP Foundation database for full information (seems they forgot to revoke my clearance when I stopped existing… keep in mind)
  • Downloaded all data on GoI-195 "Nobody"

Current Status: Download complete. Now to do some reading.

"I should thus have some revenge for the harm that no-good Nobody has done me".

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