The Lovers Spirit

A kindling flame, roaring at its peak.
Yet, its gentle warmths smooths the soul.
Loving embrace, a system of two.

Forged together in its flames.
Enjoyment through the ages.
No tears to break their spirit.

Through hard weather and wear.
Chips and cracks came.
Woven steel their spirit be.
Ever to remain intact.

Hope and dreams.
One to the awaken.
Non-fantasy truth.
Something too good and pure.

Taken advantage.
It corrupted the mind.
A chisel and hammer.
To their spirit.

Lies and secrecy.
The sharpest sword.
To tear into woven steel.

Stacked against them.
The slitting edge.
Pushed it too far over.

A broken dream.
An unthinkable fantasy.
Now it's the truth.

Their spirit was murdered by one.

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