The Little Lost ██████
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Document ███-█ recovered via █████████████████ as [REDACTED] recommend immediate [DATA EXPUNGED].


Dear █████,
Only a week of ██████ left! :) Looking forward to having some free time for hobbies. I might try some modeling, ██████████ seems to enjoy it. Need to study hard for my [REDACTED] test or my ███████ will get mad.
- ████

Dear █████,
Finals in just a few days, hope I do ok. ███████ is going to fail cause he broke up with █████████ just before [REDACTED] and hasn’t studied at all. He totally begged me to study with him but I [DATA EXPUNGED] over it. ███████ are so immature.
I’m a little bit bummed the █████████ lost the other day, but at least [REDACTED] comeback next ██████. :)
:| Some █████████████ work going on in my neighbourhood. It’s really noisy, makes it hard to █████. I wish they just [REDACTED].
- ████

Dear █████,
Today was bizarre :/ The whole ██████ collapsed and they had to evacuate [REDACTED], and then this big ███████ [DATA EXPUNGED] middle of the █████. Some ███ in █████ coats with ███████ came to [REDACTED] under control.
On the bright side, [REDACTED] test postponed! :)
- ████

Dear █████ or ██████ who finds this,
I’m scared. Where am I?
█████████ was… I don’t know. The ███████ came back around my [REDACTED] somewhere. I don’t like it here, makes me sick to my ███████. Everything has too many ███████ and I can see ███████ [DATA EXPUNGED]. I want to go ████.
- ████

Dear █████,
Oh ███ I saw the most horrible ██████ here. They had ████ █████ flesh [REDACTED] inside and so many little ██████ with █████, [DATA EXPUNGED] full of this █████ liquid ████. One of them bit my ████ with this █████ it was [REDACTED] when I tried to ██████ it, it really hurts.
Bleh, I think I’m going to ████ up. I hope ███ and ███ are ok, where ever they are. Please ██████ find me soon or I might [DATA EXPUNGED].
- ████

Dear █████,
…oh ew I’m dripping ████ all over the pages aren’t I? But I can’t seem to stop ███████. These ███████ are everywhere. At least ███ big ones with [REDACTED] my █████ and it hurts so badly I could ██████. Why [REDACTED] happen to me? All I ever wanted was █████████████████ and now I’ve ██████ into some [DATA EXPUNGED]-pool. I wonder if █████ will miss me? I never had a chance [REDACTED] her.
████ ████████ are coming, ew, I’m trying really hard not to ████ on this █████. So many of them, all with their little █████ [DATA EXPUNGED] and █████ swinging. This entire place is horrible, but these ██████, are just so…
I’ve never seen anything so disg


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