The Lingering Lark of Leviathan Square
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An item we number in our special way:

Its class is a: Keter, not safe in the least.
An eater, dear reader, a beaterous beast!
A feast it can make, any time of the day,
of all of existence - scenario XK!
So read if you dare, of how to prepare
for the Lingering Lark of Leviathan Square…

The special containment procedures are these:
To keep the thing locked up as long as we please.
Experimentation must have the approval
Of Dr. Bamdoovle (or else, your removal).
Locked up in its cell it must always exist.
It stays in this room, not a thing goes amiss,
for even the tiniest routine mishap
will trigger Procedure McSweeney-Go-Snap,
which seals the seals, all exits retracted
to purge all the site with release of [REDACTED].
McSweeney-Go-Snap will kill innocent lives
when [REDACTED] arrives with his knivity-knives,
but that's what we need to keep Earth far away
from a day classed XK
by this SCP-A.

The Lingering Lark of Leviathan Square
is described:
as a bird of a species so rare,
you sooner would find a bouquet of blue roses.
It's five meters high from the head to the toeses,
and when the full moon rises high in the sky,
it lets out a cry -
if you hear it, you'll die,
for it tears off the flesh from all living things' bones.
It's the freakiest shriek of the moanest of groans!

But that's not the worst part, not even remotely.
As sure as a billy goat's prone to act goatly,
exposure too long over time to this bird
will mangle the mind and entangle your words
to a rhyme scheme of nonsense, not one single use!
This happened to O5-1█, Dr. █████

But the Lingering Lark of Leviathan Square
cannot be destroyed, which is downright unfair!
Its hunger for bloodshed and razor-sharp beak
can play an XK any day of the week.
First seen in London, it flew to Peru,
Stussgart and Flussgart and Kalamazoo!
█████ lay dead in a matter of hours,
and corpses piled up in our lakes, farms, and towers.
Some VIPs died when it leapity-lunged,
including the Cat in the [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum 1-J: so now you can say
why this SCP-123-Omicron-A
should be locked in a cell in a block far away
from a world that's eager to see one more day.
(This page, only B-class or higher can view.
I hope, for your sake,
that B-class means you.)

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