The Knight of Flowers
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Black Queen Erasmus checking in.

Black Queen Ariadne, reporting for duty.


Black Queen Gaia, sorry. A bit new to this.


The Knight of Flowers is a mysterious figure in silver, flower-embossed armor who appears to have the ability to travel between dimensions. Most accounts specify him as in pursuit of an equally mysterious cure for his people, and he can be seen pledging his services to anyone with enough knowledge to point him in the right direction. Dimension-hopping? Sure we don't have another sister here? I doubt it, doesn't seem like our type of person. Thought you were a newbie, Gaia.


Their dimension transportation capabilities present a unique problem in that it's almost impossible to nail down their origin point. At the very least, it'd have to be a timeline that possesses metal-working techniques consistent with the Late Middle Ages of my world. Also, horses. So that narrows it down a bit, in my mind. What? Horses aren't actually around in most timelines. Most people use cattle.


If you ever need an army destroyed in an afternoon, the silver knight appears to be your guy, as long as you can point him in the right direction. Beyond that… I don't know. Need a hot date to a costume party? Might be your man. It seems rather useless attending a costume party when you could travel to a medieval age world.


I've never seen a knight parry a hellfire missile. A bit crude, but I suppose it could work if it came to that. What's a missile? Big boom.

Instance: Timeline I-592:

Briefly worked in service as a knight to the Royal House of Apollyon. Who? Never heard of them. Murdering pillaging bastards. Claim to be descended from the rulers of The First City, which is most likely bullshit. Defeated Able ben Adam in single combat and broke the armies of the Night Children at the Battle of Sintar. I'm surprised he would join with them. A sky king's promise isn't worth the breath they waste making it. The House of Apollyon possesses powers beyond much of the civilized world in most iterations. Perhaps he thought they could help him. Which was stupid.

Instance: Timeline T-0973:

Stole the Eiffel Tower. One second it was there, the next it was gone. …I'm sorry? How the hell did he manage that? Very carefully. The cure he was looking for required a vastly iconic cultural landmark as a component for a ritual, so he used a shrinking spell to transport it. However, local Global Occult Coalition forces in the area responded to the theft, forcing him to drop it and flee to another dimension. Or so I heard. How'd you figure out all this stuff? I spent ages in this timeline and I couldn't find jack. I found a book on the knight. Really? I'd love to see something like that. Sorry, the GOC stole it from me just before I left. How unfortunate.

Instance: Timeline G-924:

In this timeline, he was briefly captured by the Foundation, which is basically a private corporation-slash military contractor that sells/rents anomalies to the wealthy. See, this is why we should eat the rich. Agreed, but not the time or place. Anyways, the knight approached the Foundation, expecting them to be able to agree on an arrangement. Guess what happened next. He got captured. Bingo. Anyways, they couldn't convince him to fight for them after that, so he was locked up in a cell to be forgotten about. Later freed in a raid staged by the Serpent's Hand, escaped through the Library. Might be worth checking with our contacts there, see if they have anything interesting on this guy. Dibs on being L.S.

Instance: Timeline Z-673

No solid traces of them, but apparently this was written by a stranger in silver armor. Seems to be a poet as well as a knight.

The air is cool and in twilight
The Rhine's dark waters flow;
The peak of the mountain in highlight
Reflects the evening glow.
I do not know what haunts me,
What saddened my mind all day;
An age-old tale confounds me,
A spell I cannot allay.

Pretty, but sad.

Instance: Timeline B-173:

Interestingly enough, this account of them differs significantly from most, but the name's unmistakable. Described as an Asian-American young adult woman, currently residing in the meadow and woods where the nameless are chained. Claims to not be the knight, but is in fact a fellow dimensional traveler who was instead tricked into repeating the name of a faerie thrice. Believed to be the most recent timeline.

That seems implausible. We've seen multiple references to his name across accounts of him, why would he take such an interest in a young woman? I move we chalk this one up to incorrect information. Keeping it here might do more harm than good.

Are you sure? Doesn't sound too unlikely.

How would you know? Forgive me for asking, but it seems odd that you've just joined, and now you're asking us to get rid of some conflicting information. I'm going to need to see proof.

Okay, that makes sense. Sorry.

Alright, let's archive this. A lesson for everyone else, always remember to check your sources. Thank you to Gaia for pointing out this error.

Always a pleasure, sisters.

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