The Karcist And The Mekhanite
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The demiurge who made the world
Screamed with all its might.
It did its very best to make
Its realm devoid of light —
But no one cared, because back then,
There was no wrong or right.

Then MEKHANE, who witnessed this,
It wasn't pleased at all
To see a god so hideous
With humans in its thrall —
And so it gave the humans will,
The will to be appalled.

The sea was wet as wet could be,
And Gyaros, dry as dry.
A dreadful fight was yet to come
In ancient times gone by.
No birds were flying overhead
(They didn't want to die.)

The Karcist and the Mekhanite
Were walking close at hand;
They wept like anything to see
The pure and virgin sand —
'If this were only plagued with filth!'
The Karcist did demand.

'If seven tons of putrid flesh
Upon the beach were poured,
Do you suppose,' the Karcist said —
The other'd hear no more.
'Machines,' exclaimed the Mekhanite,
'Those would improve the shore!'

'O humans, come and be my slaves!'
The Karcist did beseech.
'A raging fight, a show of might,
Along the bloodstained beach:
We'll do away with Mekhanites
And godhood, you will reach.'

The eldest human heard his voice
And ran and hid in dread,
He sacrificed a goat to Zeus,
And as the creature bled,
'Deliver us from Karcist beasts!'
Unto the sky he pled.

The other humans hurried up —
Their minds were not their own.
They donned their mail of tumor-plates
And sharpened spears of bone,
And on the surface of their skulls,
A thousand eyes were grown.

The Karcist and his new recruits
Marched on a mile or so,
Until they met the Mekhanites,
With robot gods in tow.
The great colossus at their side
Let out an eerie glow.

'The time has come,' the Karcist said,
'Surrender to the flesh,
The blood, the dark contagions,
The claws that slice and thresh,
And horrors none the world has seen
Since ancient Erikesh!'

'But wait a bit,' the servants cried,
'Before the havoc wreaks,
It seems we're not equipped to face
Their mechanized techniques."
The Karcist ate their souls with rage —
He had to cull the weak.

'You killed your fighting force, you oaf,'
The Mekhanite exclaimed.
'It only serves to prove the reason
You'll go down in flames:
Intelligence and reasoning,
To you, are marks of shame.'

But Ion's reinforcements came
From temples underground,
Constructed from unearthly flesh
That wheezed with sickly sound.
The cannons blazed, the venom poured,
'Til not a soul was found.

'O Karcists,' said the Foundation.
'We thought your time was done
When Gyaros fell to MEKHANE!'
But answer there came none —
And this was scarcely odd, because
[REDACTED] everyone.

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