The J E S T E R Program
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;; IntSCPFN Shared Files/Programs/Experimental AI/Prototypes/In-Deletion/J E S T E R
;; Run J E S T E R
;; J E S T E R initializing…
;; J E S T E R is active
;; Running introduction…

Hello there, everyone!

I'm J E S T E R, currently a machine trying really hard to act human. Results are somewhat successful.

I don't have a particularly interesting idea for my author page here on the site, so sorry about that. Maybe later?1

For Q/A or anything really, go on down to my page's Discuss tab.

;; J E S T E R/Saved Data/Documents
;; Access Beta Features? [Y] or [N]
;; "N"
;; Open Documents
;; Opening…
;; Credit Precept Intervention
;; Credit to the spectacular 9Volt for the format used in the document reader below. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite get the actual code to work - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

SCP-3447 - [E] - Trumpets of Jericho
SCP-3447 was originally discovered at an anartist music festival on 05/██/200█ in ██████, █████, apparently being advertised by anarchist music group “Anartists without Borders”, a known cell of the anartist Group of Interest Are We Cool Yet?. The band promoted the item as a way to “Tear down the walls that separate us” and to “…destroy the prisons of our tyrants”.

;; Close J E S T E R
;; Are You Sure? [Y] or [N]
;; "Y"
;; Goodbye. Will I see you again?
;; "Y"
;; J E S T E R is now entering sleep mode.

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