Chapter Two: The Island Murder Mystery Show
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Evan is dead.

Marjory found him hanging from the tire swing's rope, with a weird symbol drawn on his back. It looked like some kind of voodoo thing, like witch doctors draw in the dust in shitty horror flicks. It was drawn in blood, but he didn't have a scratch on him, and for some reason that just makes it worse.

I'm really glad I didn't tell anyone about the gun.

William thinks it was Markus, that he's hiding on the island somewhere, that the canoe thing was just a fake to let him disappear. I dunno. He seemed like a pretty okay guy to me.

Marjory is curled in a ball on the couch now, crying her eyes out. Tim is with her, trying to help. He found some candles in one of the drawers, so tonight we'll probably do some kind of funeral… Evan's body is in the entryway, wrapped in the deflated raft from the plane. He was a cute kid. This is fucked up.

All afternoon I sat at the end of the driveway, thinking about how the front half of the plane was just gone, with a perfectly straight edge exactly like the cliff. It seems crazy, but I'm beginning to wonder. Probably best to push that thought aside. We've already got a maniac to deal with.

Just finished Evan's funeral, for what it's worth. We buried him out in the garden by the swing, and tried not to think about the fact that he'd been killed there. Everybody said a few words, just mumbling compliments mostly. It's not like any of us knew him well enough to have anything real to say. Hopefully, once we're rescued he can get a real proper burial with a real funeral back in civilization.

Marjory hasn't stopped crying since she found him. She keeps saying something about the symbol and her brother and trailing off. I'd write more about it, but she's honestly pretty tough to understand, and I think she's just raving anyhow. Marie seems to think she knows more about what happened than she's told us. The whole time we were in the garden she was staring at Marjory, glaring, while the candlelight flickered off a black eye I'm not entirely certain I believe she got in the crash.

William smoked nonstop the whole time, burning through all the cigarettes he had like there was a prize at the bottom of the pack. He was the only one at the service not holding a candle, and the glowing red cherry at the end of his fingers somehow only emphasized the fact that he was standing in darkness. Marjory was the only one crying. I can't help but begin to form some opinions of my own.

After the burial, we all went our separate ways for a while except for Marjory and Tim. I retreated to one of the bedrooms of the house and sat for a while reading a trashy paperback I found on a shelf by the light of an emergency glowstick from the raft. I must have gotten two or three chapters in, but damned if I can say what it was about, or even what the title was. We were all on autopilot, I think, still reeling from the one two punch dealt to us by fucked up fate. Eventually I gave up on the book and just started writing.

I don't know what happened to Evan, but I have a feeling something's going to go down between William and Marie, or between Marie and Marjory. William seems to have focused on Markus- that's a good thing. If Markus isn't here, they can't get violent. Marjory was the first one to find the body, but I don't think she could kill a kid. Tim was on the other end of the island, sitting on the front porch of the house. I could see him, and he could see me, so nobody suspects us. I don't get the impression Marie's suspicion is faked, which leaves William. Could he be faking his rage at Markus to cover up a murder? Why the fuck would he kill his own son? I don't want to believe that. What did happen to Markus, anyway?

Regardless, I'm keeping this gun with me at all times from now on.

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