The Hanged King's Tragedy

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A play, usually called "The Hanged King's Tragedy," typical of the era of publication. The plot typically revolves around a king that has been hanged for some reason. Consistently, the play prominently features references to the ostensibly fictitious city-state Alagadda. What's frustratingly inconsistent is whether the play manifests any anomalous properties, and whether or not these properties are a direct result of the Alagadda references. And should there be anomalous effect/Performances are fated to be wrecked. Yeah, sure, what Caroline said. Performances of the text come with anomalous manifestations, sudden homi- and suicidal fits, and we can't figure out what the hell causes it. The notable anomaly is the appearance of an anomalous humanoid creature, usually taking the role as the Ambassador to Alagadda, even if the character is only mentioned or doesn't exist within the text of the play. my research indicates the ambassador may indeed work for an entity bearing some resemblance to the hanged king archetype. unclear exactly who/what this person is or what goals they may have.


The development of the English language, the development of theater, and italian city states rising to power seem to be a commonality among all timelines. And the rise of monarchies! And royals! <3 Though I doubt this hanged king is as cute as For the love of god please limit this discussion to relevant commentary on the play.


A kickass production for the winter theatre season! is she fucking serious. If Alagadda we could somehow find/We might expand the reaches of our mind. Hey Caroline, do you ever write lyrics? I feel like we could write an awesome song if you wanted to collab! :D Fucking hell, can we put an edit lock on Lisa's account? Unfortunately, no. Her additions to the discussion could be valuable. But that said if this nonsense continues we will severely limit your catalogue privileges in the future. Al told me you could be a real stick in the mud >:p


censorship is effective. if theres a foundation in a given timeline theyre usually on top of controlling it due to the secondary anomalous effects but as we'll see, thats not always the case. Nothing yet on how to stop the Ambassador entity, or the apparent Hanged King entity. I believe that's why Caroline requested this catalogue. The king and henchman pose potential threat/So we'll need all the intel we can get.

How is this done? Tell her what you told me. Explain the plot, then the anomaly,/and should you feel there's more that you can say/include it and we'll all learn more this way. Seriously, your rhymes are genius. Hmu after this, we need to write a song! >:D

Instance: Timeline E-473:

Jacobean era, early 1600s. The plot concerns the royal family of Trinculo, a fictitious Italian city state, specifically the death of the former king Sforza, who was hanged from a tree post-mortem. Said to have been the main influence of Shakespeare's tragedy "King Giovanni," a work not present in most timelines. Anomalous effect is present in the original, but not the Shakespeare derivative. Any hypotheses why? A few. Shakespeare's work replaces all fictitious place names with real historical locations, and some of the plot points are slightly changed. Ironically, "King Giovanni" has a much bleaker ending than "The Hanged King's Tragedy," as nearly all major characters die. Shakespeare's plagiarism kept the work in obscurity, and it's mostly a curiosity piece for scholars, not something that typically gets performed. Last performance estimated to be over 200 years ago.

Instance: Timeline W-116:

Georgian era, late 1680s. Plot is roughly the same as previous instance, with minor changes, such as the ways characters are said to die and having a much more ambiguous ending than most other versions. Non-anomalous. The EBC made a modern miniseries adaptation starring Tom Holland! <3 You can't be serious. Really! He was so hot as Antonio c; Relevant additions, Lisa. OK, OK, I get it! The original story is something of a cult classic, or whatever the literature version of that is. People know it, but like they don't know they know it. Like, people will talk about how somebody's "gone to Alaggada" to refer to them seemingly disappearing, but they don't know what Alagadda is. Any clues as to why there's no anomalous features? I dunno, maybe it's the popularity? There is a rather small group of, like, Alagadda Truthers or whatever who think they're like Illuminati or some shit like that, but like nobody really believes that XD Though part of some bizarre conspiracy/There seems to be a grain of truth to me.

Instance: Timeline Y-2079

recent work. posted 2016 to the website archive of our own. story is set in 2010s britain about a young king who has just recently taken the throne and the struggles he faces. the play deals with themes of the role of monarchies in the 21st century the concept of morality in an unethical society and worsening mental health. the play ends with the king hanging himself with a noose made of white silk and leaving behind instructions for abolishing the monarchy. How do I not have this variation in my library? because thats the most important thing to focus on. whether its in your library. i can send you the pdf later. I would very much appreciate that. Me too! That sounds really interesting :o

But what of Alagadda does he say? Yeah could we maybe stay on track today? the text makes frequent use of the phrase "transcend to alagadda" and variations thereof. according to the author it was a reference to a story his mother used to tell him as a child. That's the real important thing about this one, we know the author. We have confirmation the author is not a reality bender or in any way anomalous, aside from his mother's knowledge of Alagadda. Anomalous properties? present. only one performance ever ran. Luckily at a small theater. 14 noted casualties. The Foundation contained it pretty quickly. Maybe they could release the play with the Alagadda references removed? It sounds like a pretty topical play. You're welcome to try convincing the Foundation why that wouldn't be a massive containment breach.

Instance: Timeline C-431:

1972. Postmodern play about a man who proclaims himself king of all the lands but realizes there's nothing to claim because the author couldn't think of anything. Play ends with the author hanging the king to feel he has some control over the narrative. how meta. In this one, Alagadda seems to be a stand in for the audience beyond the fourth wall, with the unseen author acting as the ambassador. A non anomalous filmed version that gained a cult following led to difficulty in containment. It's non anomalous in this timeline? It's very anomalous in this timeline. It's a goddamn miracle the film version went off without a hitch. Unfortunately for the world at large/It seems that the hanged king is still in charge.

Instance: Timeline M-759:

Circa 1895. Plot centers on a former slave's experience in America's gilded age. The story makes note of the man's heritage, including the stories from his father that they're descended from an unspecified African monarch. I'm already not liking the sound of this :c It ends with the main character getting lynched. It was meant to be a powerful statement on the prevalent racism in post-civil war America. Now it just feels in bad taste. Though "tragedy" is accurate to take/This version just feels more like a mistake. Faded into obscurity after several failed silent film adaptations. i presume the failures were anomaly based. I guess? The financial failures were compounded by the anomalous failures, and the morons kept trying to revive the project.

Instance: Timeline A-710:

Caroline era. Believed to have been written by Kit Marlowe. Plot is consistent with earlier instances about the Trinculo royal family. Ok, why are you the one who's starting off all these entries? How do you know so much about the plots of these?

Her library she'll fill and fill and fill
It never shall replace her fear and strife
She never noticed the Hanged King until
The tragedy had impacted her life.

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The tragedy I've seen with mine own eyes
Destruction from a play far too unknown
Ambassador showed up, 'twas no surprise
And in their clutches their world we were shown
Sweet decadence and deviance for all
Debauchery the likes you'd never guess
But should the Alaggadan empire fall
Prepare to face a CK class type mess
For while the king may be the man you know
It is not he who truly holds the power
Before this empress who would steal the show
Ambassador and citizen both cower
The one of which I speak, you've surely seen
For what's a Hangèd King without his Queen?

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